Top 10 Staff Benefits – Employee Benefits & Perks

Staff benefits are used to attract new recruits and reward employees for their work; for example, they may include additional provisions such as health or financial incentives. Below, we have outlined the top 10 staff benefits that are most attractive to existing team members and new staff.

Employee Benefits & Perks

The Top 10 Staff Benefits

10] Childcare

Working parents currently face a dilemma of how to manage childcare costs and balance raising a family with work. This can affect performance in their role, which is why assisting with the cost of childcare is a fantastic tool for any employer to utilise.

9] Private Pension

Workplace pensions are a key aspect for employees. All employers are now required by law to provide a pension scheme. Ensuring that you have a generous pension scheme for staff is a great way to remind them of how invested you are in their future.

8] Annual Bonus

Bonuses can seem controversial, particularly when trying to make sure they are as fair as possible. But if it is handled correctly, an annual bonus scheme is a fantastic way to reward and thank your staff for their hard work.

7] Staff Areas

This may seem an odd choice, but your team needs to feel that when they are at work, they are being looked after. Supplying food and drink to your staff is a low-cost way to have a positive impact on staff morale.

6] Christmas Closing

Unless your business is required to trade across Christmas, then choosing to close the business for the festive period is a fantastic way to build and develop a positive relationship with your team.

5] Performance Bonus

A performance-related bonus works as an incentive to improve productivity from your team. It also helps to ensure that you recognise and appreciate the hard work your team does.

4] Flexible Working

In the UK, it is required by law that staff are given the option of flexible working. Flexible working is a benefit that would attract new staff and will also help you avoid the high turnover of staff. The advent of new technologies makes remote working an even greater possibility allowing several options for your team.

3] Casual Dress

Though you may require your team to wear uniforms or even business wear, casual dress is an attractive prospect for staff. That is why it is often recommended to have frequent dress-down days, perhaps in aid of a charity. This improves morale and usually creates further bonding between staff.

2] Health Care

Offering healthcare to staff is a huge benefit, it makes sure that the staff feel valued, which in turn allows them to remain focused on their work.

1] Sick Pay

Sick Pay is still one of the most in-demand benefits for staff. Though staff are eligible for SSP, it is recommended that employers have their own sickness policy and pay in place. A company with a robust sick pay policy can help a staff member manage their situation when they’re unwell.

And finally…

There’s no right or wrong way to reward your team, but their performance will always come down to how valued your staff feel they are.

If they feel valued by the range of benefits you have to offer, then you will find that they will go on to contribute to the success of your business. If you wish to look at a range of staff benefit options then contact Zest to deploy your staff benefits program.

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