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Understanding Private Label Manufacturers

Private labeling and white labeling is a lucrative way to elevate your brand, and everyone seems to be exploring new ways to profit from this exciting e-commerce opportunity.

Competition is high, and nobody wants to be one of the dozens of private label brands that carry the same mundane products, with amateurish package design and sub-par merchandise that will underwhelm a savvy public and fall flat in sales, as a result.

Private Label Manufacturers

Choosing to white label or private label retail with Harper + Scott will guarantee that your items will excite and impress your target audience, lifting your brand into the stratosphere of quality, and allowing your sales to reflect the luxury and magnificence that you have put your brand on.

Your branded products are a reflection of your attention to detail and your unique ability to stay on the forefront of trending retail items that bear your brand, or sales-boosting premiums, gifts with purchase, influence mailers, and custom apparel.

Partnering with us means you will never have to deal with substandard quality or poor customer service ever again.

Private Labeling As a Means To Advertise Your Brand

If you are looking to market your brand, and require show-stopping design and world-class promotional materials, rest assured that Harper + Scott has partnered with the largest names in advertising.

Take a moment to peruse our website for stunning examples of the work that has come out of our design galleries and sourcing studios in New York City and Guangzhou.

What Private Label Usually Means

With the boom of private label sellers in the past few years, mostly courtesy of Amazon Marketplace, there are unlimited suppliers of products to be labeled for your brand out there to choose from. As with any popular e-commerce trend, there will be pitfalls to watch out for when sourcing your products and packaging.

First off, one of the problems when creating a line of products that are intended for private label use, it becomes difficult to set your brand apart from others. Little innovation for unique products in the traditional avenues that many entrepreneurs take might mean your product is a carbon copy of dozens of others, but with a label that is designed by you.

Sourcing unique, quality merchandise can be harder than you think. When sourcing products that might have limited development potential, business owners are often led to generic manufacturing facilities in China or elsewhere, and if the manufacturer of your private label products is less than reputable, you might find that it’s difficult to source products that meet your exact specifications.

Being certain that you are partnering with a company that will be able to meet your expectations is sometimes a hazy endeavor.

If you are trying to source items that can be potentially dangerous in any way, there are usually no guarantees that private labeled items will meet any regulatory requirements, which leaves your company open for lawsuits if there is an issue that comes up after your product hits the shelves.

Imported Chinese products account for 60% of all product safety recalls in the United States, and if your product injures someone, your company is ultimately responsible for any liability.

What Private Label Means To Harper + Scott

Excellence is what comes with our name, and we stand behind all of our private label partners. Harper + Scott has strong, lasting relationships with over 3000 suppliers of unique products of all kinds.

Our brick-and-mortar office in China guarantees there will be nothing that is lost in translation, including the quality of your products and packaging. Our turnaround times are stunningly fast, and we are able to supply all of the following services to your brand.

  • Ideation and Concepting.
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and 3D Modeling.
  • Fashion Design and Cut and Sew
  • Prototyping
  • Mold Fabrication
  • Custom Manufacturing.
  • Digital Products.

Amazingly, this is just part of what we offer. Reach out today for inspired designs and a unique start to your own private label brand.

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