What Does It Take to Succeed At Blogging These Days?

Blogging continues to be a worthwhile endeavor for people with writing skills. Blogging draws attention to someone’s abilities as a writer, which allows a talented artist the ability to let the world see what he or she can do.

Others might have a more commercial reason for investing time in building a blog. The writing may serve promotional purposes. For example, someone interested in building a personal training business may write several blog entries on health and fitness subjects.

Succeed At Blogging

Another could write about Starburst at Leovegas. No matter the reason behind blogging, creating a well-written blog has value. However, some naysayers believe that modern blogging can’t deliver the results early forms of blogging did. Such an assessment is not necessarily true.

Blog Writing Changes

Why aren’t some as enthused blog writing as they used to be years ago? They might look at the traffic statistics and become despondent. Even when writing excellent blogs, search engine traffic might fall below expectations.

Truthfully, relying solely on search engine traffic might be a limited approach. Remember, SEO has undergone many changes from times past.

Years ago, the internet was nowhere near as vast as it is today. While many millions produced websites, the number of people using the paled compared to the billions using it today.

People did not have smartphones 15 years ago, which affected the volume of people using the internet. So, the search engines employed a primitive approach reflective of an unsophisticated landscape.

Link building, keyword selections, and lengthy original text were enough to push a blog to the top of the search engine rankings. A lack of competition also helped. If you were blogging about personal training and utilized tried-and-true search engine optimization tactics, things usually worked out.

Unfortunately, some less-than-honest individuals manipulated search and results, so the rules became stricter. Today, smaller blogs have a hard time making themselves noticed if they follow outdated “build it, and they shall come” strategies.

Blog writers and publishers must be more aggressive to draw attention. Thankfully, there are ways for a blog to draw attention to itself and gain a readership.

Working Harder to Capture an Audience

Strictly publishing text probably won’t do much to make the blog noticed. Nor would writing 200-word entries. The article should be lengthy, possibly upwards of 2,000 words.

Also valuable would be adding images and videos to the layout of the entry. Several photo images, along with a few corresponding videos, further expand the potential reach.

If there is a local angle to weave into the blog, integrating it may be worthwhile. People looking for a city or country-specific information may come across your blog when they type in geographic info and a particular topic.

Driving traffic to the blog via social media is another effective plan to follow. SEO remains essential, but social media-driven attention factors heavily into reaching readers. Imagine creating a page or group on Facebook and building up the members and followers to 20,000 or more people.

That’s 20,000 eyes catching posts about new blog entries. Members may share the post, reaching even more people. Of course, paying for promotional distribution of posts on Facebook and Twitter remains an option.

Social media could even become the prime centerpiece of a promotional strategy. The blog might serve as an adjunct to the social media page, one used to produce lengthy written articles and essays that delve into a topic.

Short social media blurbs get info out there and serve as an “entry point” to bring people to the blogs.

Yes, there’s a lot of work required for making a blog thrive in today’s online landscape. Driven bloggers are up for the task.

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