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5G Internet: See How This Technology Will Change Your Smartphone and Your Life

Just when you thought the internet was already fast, it will just keep getting faster. 5G internet is only around the corner and it won’t be soon before long until we see phone response times 400 times faster than the blink of an eye. Without a doubt, 5G internet will improve our internet needs and make smartphone usage more efficient.

What Is 5G


In this article, we will be looking at the basics of 5G internet and what this means in the future of technology. Will it make things better or worse? Let’s find out.

What is 5G Internet?

5G isn’t an acronym but rather a software term. It means that it will operate via the cloud instead of cables. On top of that, download speeds will also be drastically faster compared to 4G. If you can download a full-length movie in around 5 minutes, then 5G will download it in just a few seconds. That would impress anyone including The Flash.

5G also means faster response times on devices that support it. For example, a 5G phone has 400x faster response time than a 4G phone; 5G will respond in just a millisecond whilst 4G takes around 50 milliseconds. Sure, that won’t mean much of a difference for the naked eye but for the transfer of data, this means everything.

With these incredible stats, technology will tremendously evolve be it robotics, cars, gaming, and handheld devices. This means online businesses and meetings will become more convenient thanks to high-grade speeds and AI-controlled cars will now become a real thing.

In short, 5G is a win-win situation for everyone – both consumers and business corporations.

1] 5G on Your Smartphone

Mobile networks rely on the “Gs” – 2G, 3G, 4G, in order to do the basic phone functions such as calling, texting and web surfing. What this means is that 5G is going to guarantee you a quicker mobile experience.

Just as previously mentioned, 5G will take only 1 millisecond to respond. This means that when you text someone “lol”, they’ll receive your message in just a millisecond.

When you make calls, you will never experience any sort of delay whatsoever wherever you are in the world. The term “choppy” reception will become a thing of the past.

Signals will become much stronger than ever before. In other words, wherever you go in the world, even in the middle of nowhere, you’ll still have signal coverage. No need to climb a tree anymore.

And when it comes to everything online, you’re in for a load of bliss.

2] Using 5G on Social Media

So maybe you’re up for blogging on Instagram or vlogging on YouTube. Maybe you want to promote your live stream gaming on Twitch or share your digital art on Twitter. Whatever your reason is, 5G will make it more convenient for you by making uploads faster than ever before.

3] Using 5G on Mobile Gaming

Say goodbye to lags in Mobile Legends and Fortnite or losing signal just before you make a gacha pull in Fate/Grand Order because you will never experience another delay ever again. Feel nothing but smooth gameplay for hours on end on the small screen.

4] Is 5G Available Now?

Currently, there are only a handful of coverages around America thanks to AT&T and China by Huawei. Major companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are working fast to make sure this becomes available to the massive public around 2020 and peak in 2025. It’s going to take them some time as shifting their business model from 4G to 5G is not an easy task at all.

5G on Your Smartphone


Smaller mobile company such as America’s cheap yet highly-efficient FreedomPop will follow through once the major phone carriers have done their part in 5G-ing the rest of the world.

5] Does It Pose Potential Risks?

While tech geeks and gurus can hardly wait for the 5G to become available, lots of people and various articles think that 5G signals can increase the growth of cancer cells. Do you know how high-frequency radiation emits through wireless devices such as antennae, radio towers, and phones?

Well, that’s how people believe 5G does. Since its frequency is double the power of 4G, it wasn’t a surprise to see people worry about this.

There’s no hard evidence to prove this yet and only the future can know if this is real.

6] What 5G Means Today

We might be witnessing the next step of technology again. At the moment, we see shifts in robotics, engineering, and even web browsing. Data transfer has become furiously faster compared to the last decade.

And if 5G finally covers the whole world, we might see the world in a far different view than ever before based on AI, hardware and cloud saving. We will all experience a much faster-paced internet soon. For all we know, full-on jetpacks and flying cars will be announced in the not-so-distant future.

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