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5 Types of Apps That Can Help You Relax

There are all kinds of things we do throughout the typical day to help us relax, or blow off a little steam. Life can get pretty hectic. There is no denying that we humans need safety valves. That is probably why a lot of companies look the other way when their employees sneak a few minutes to update their Facebook status or send a quick tweet while they are supposed to be looking over that financial report.

Apps that Make You Relax

Apps Help You Relax

Apps Help You Relax

Then, there are the things we do on the weekends to decompress. We might join a bowling league, or take up cross stitching. However, as work life intrudes on our downtime, we have to find more creative ways to chill out.

Fortunately, that same smartphone we have to keep nearby for work emails, can also be used to help us catch up on some of that lost relaxation. Here are a few suggestions:

TV Apps

It’s only an idiot box if you watch idiotic things. Otherwise, the television is one of the greatest contributions to human society. The TV commercial, on the other hand… Still, all the best programming in the world does you absolutely no good if you do not take the time to sit down and watch it.

If your satellite TV provider offers the service, you will be able to download an app to your smartphone of choice, and use your device like a portable TV. There is no reason why your non-driving commute time can’t be used to catch up on the latest season of whatever it is that makes you laugh.




Obviously, games are on a list of app types that relax us. Unless you are the type that only plays the kind of games that get you all nervous and keyed up. But there are plenty of games that are designed to do nothing but leave you relaxed and refreshed. There are also plenty of games that leave you twitchy, on edge, and ready to punch someone in the face. Save those for the last day on the job when you are willing to give the boss, former boss, a piece of your mind.

Sleep Tracking Apps

There is nothing more relaxing than a good nights sleep. But what if you are in that unfortunate group who does not seem to be able to buy a good night’s sleep? There may be very good, physiological reasons for your in somnolence. While chronic sleeplessness needs to be diagnosed by a doctor, there are a number of gadgets and apps designed to help you track your sleep. While I cannot vouch for the medical usefulness of these apps, I can definitely recommend them as a good place to start if you suspect you are having problems in that area.

Meditation Apps

Meditation Apps

Meditation Apps

Serious meditation is not for everyone. That said, it is for enough people so that there is a whole genre of apps devoted to meditation. They range from the casually whimsical, to the religiously earnest. Some are guided meditations. And some are little more than bells and chimes. Some guided meditation apps are even specifically designed to help you sleep.

Doodling Apps

Not everyone is a great artist. Even with practice, most of us will never progress beyond competent doodling. And that’s quite alright. Because there are few things more universally relaxing than doodling a silly sketch while humming a silly tune. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps on all platforms that accommodate this most basic of human needs. Some will even attempt to teach you to draw. Singing lessons not included. There is most likely an app for that.

Apps for College Students

There are at least as many ways to relax as there are for us to become stressed in the first place. Even better, most of those ways can be accessed on a pocket-sized device we carry with us every day.

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