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Top Best Camera Brands In India (DSLR Camera Brands)

This is the era of social media. Majority of people around the world share their pictures on social media platforms. People love capturing their special moments. They also shoot any peculiar/pleasing thing they come across and share it online.

Best DSLR Camera Brands In India

Best Camera Brands In India

Digital cameras by good brands enable you to capture high quality images. If you love photography and want to take excellent shots then go for a top quality digital camera.

Here is a look at the top 12 most popular brands of cameras in India.


Canon is a world famous manufacturer of cameras. It came into being in 1937. The Japanese company manufactures different kinds of cameras. It also manufactures other related equipment. Their products include high quality DSLR cameras, camcorders and lenses.

They offer different series of cameras. These are suitable for professional as well as personal use. Canon cameras are highly in demand in the Indian market. They come with several features and capture amazing shots.

Canon EOS 1500D

Canon Camera Price at Amazon

The company manufactures medical equipment too. Photocopiers and computer printers are also made available by the brand.


This is yet another Japanese company. It manufactures and sells high quality cameras. It has years of experience in imaging and optics products. The company offers wide variety of cameras as well as imaging lenses. It also offers binoculars and microscopes. It has launched several series of cameras ever since its inception.

Nikon Dslr

Nikon Camera Price at Amazon

Many of these became extremely popular in the Indian market. The Coolpix series was one such digital camera series by Nikon. Its digital cameras are highly in demand around the world.


Japan is undoubtedly the world leader when it comes to manufacturing high tech devices. No wonder, the third brand on our list also hails from Japan. Sony is known for manufacturing various electronic items. High quality digital cameras are one of them.

Sony Cameras

Sony Camera Price at Amazon

The company offers variety of cameras equipped with the latest technology. These are powered by superb LCD display. These are also loaded with numerous features. Sony cameras capture high quality images. Moreover, these are easy to use.


Panasonic Corporation is yet another Japanese company. It deals in variety of electronic items. The company came into being in 1918. Its headquarters are in Kadoma, Japan. It has a strong foothold in the Indian market.

Panasonic LUMIX Camera

Panasonic Camera Price at Amazon

For a company that began with the manufacturing of light bulb this one has come a long way. It is known for offering high quality D SLR cameras. One of the first D SLR series by the brand was the Lumix series. It became a rage among the photography lovers.


Olympus is another famous camera brand in India. The Japanese company manufactures reprography and optics products. It offers wide variety of high quality digital cameras and lenses. It also manufactures microscopes, thermometers and other essential laboratory equipment.

Olympus Digital Camera

Olympus Camera Price at Amazon

Its cameras are especially popular in the Indian market. The brand is also doing great globally. Its cameras are known for their advance features. Some of these features include Wifi, GPS and advanced zoom. Besides, they come with the latest iHS technology.


FujiFilm is one of the first camera manufacturers to enter the Indian market. The Japanese photography company is famous for its high quality digital cameras. It also manufactures wide variety of other things. This includes medical imaging and diagnostics equipment among others.

Digital Cameras - Fujifilm

Fujifilm Camera Price at Amazon

Its cameras boast of capturing high quality images. They come with several features that add to the whole photography experience. These cameras are durable. Moreover, they come at a reasonable price.


Pentax came into being in the year 1919. It has gradually made a place in the Indian market. It manufactures top quality cameras in different range. The company also manufactures binoculars, spectacle lenses and various other optical instruments. Its digital single lens reflex camera series is particularly popular.

Pentax Cameras

Pentax Camera Price at Amazon

This is mainly because its lens technology is superb. This enables capturing excellent images. Pentax is undoubtedly giving a tough competition to top brands such as Nikon and Canon.


Samsung is a South Korean electronics company. It manufactures high quality electronic items. The brand is quite popular in the Indian market. It has a huge loyal customer base.

Samsung Camera

Just as other electronic items offered by Samsung, its cameras have also been received well in our country. This is mainly owing to their high technology and variety of features. The popularity of these cameras is only increasing with time.


Casio is a famous Japanese brand. It came into being in 1946. Its headquarters are in Shibuy, Tokyo. The company manufactures variety of watches, mobile phones and musical instruments.

Casio Digital camera

It also manufactures and sells wide range of digital cameras. It was in fact one of the first brands to come up with a digital camera. Casio digital cameras boast of high quality optics. They have been designed to capture things with precision.


Kodak is an American brand. It is one of the first camera brands to hit the Indian market. Its conventional cameras were a rage in the market. Its digital cameras have also become equally popular.

Kodak Cameras

The company manufactures wide range of digital cameras. Its cameras use advance technology. They come with variety of features. Moreover, they are available at affordable price. All this contributes to the popularity of these cameras in the Indian market.


The Japanese company came into being in 1961. It manufactures and sells different kinds of high quality cameras, flashes and lenses. The brand keeps coming up with different series of cameras from time to time.

Sigma camera

The company is particularly famous for its top quality cameras and zoom lenses. It is the largest manufacturer of zoom lenses in the world. It also manufactures accessories that go well with cameras by different brands. Some of these brands include Nikon, Canon, Sony and Panasonic.

Leica Camera

Leica Camera came into being in 1914. It finds its origin in Germany. Leica is the only German company that is at par with top camera brands in India. It manufactures and sells high quality cameras and lenses.

Leica Camera

The brand also manufactures binoculars, microscopes, rifle scopes and ophthalmic glass. It offers wide variety of cameras. These have been designed to match different needs. It has cameras for personal as well as professional use. These cameras come with several advance features.

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