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Funny WiFi Names – Best WiFi Name of Router Network SSID

It won’t be wrong to assume that the world runs on the internet. The connectivity and ease with which things are functioning across the globe. Be it e-Commerce, banking, media or social networking. All of these have become possible thanks to the connectivity provided by the internet.

Funny WiFi Names For Home, Shop, Cafe, Office

Best WiFi Names To Shock Your Neighbors

Apart from mobile service providers, people also use wireless access points and wireless broadband routers. In fact, Wi-Fi is more popular as they provided better speed, connectivity as well as the option for multiple users to use the same connection.

So, in a typical neighborhood, you are likely to find a wireless broadband router in every 2nd or 3rd house. Since most manufacturer’s routers are assigned similar names, you might find it difficult to differentiate one from the other.

What is SSID?

The Wi-Fi networks are identified using a name called Service Set Identifier (SSID), which is a technical term for the network name. The service set refers to a group of wireless networking devices with the same parameters.

With the SSID name, you are able to determine, which network you need to join from the list of wireless networks provided. However, most manufacturers configure the devices with predefined default SSID network names such as Wireless, Default, Netgear, Linksys etc.

So there is a huge chance that you and your neighbor with the same type of router share the same default SSID too! It would definitely make much more sense to change the default SSID to a unique one.

Why Should You Change Your SSID Wi-Fi Network’s Name?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are living in difficult times and it would provide a sense of relief if things were more secure around us. Since cybercrime is on the rise, having a secure network is an added advantage. The SSID is supposed to be unique so that a person does not have any problem in identifying as well as connecting to it.

However, there is quite a strong possibility that two networks with the same default name are installed in the same neighborhood, near each other. This can be extremely confusing for users and they may try and end up joining the wrong one (if not password protected).

Not changing default name also insinuates that the owner is less prone to password protect their network, making it easier to hack and attack.

It is therefore important to have a unique name. You can easily change the default name to anyone you desire. An SSID can be up to 32 characters long and it is case-sensitive, with some special characters like underscore, period, space and dash allowed.

The SSID name is broadcast by the wireless routers and thereby allowing nearby devices to look at the list of available names to connect to. The network can be open, wherein anybody can connect with just the SSID; or secured with a password needed before connecting.

Having a password protected Wi-Fi network is recommended for safety and security reasons. Changing the default name provides a unique identity else trying to connect to a password protected default SSID name may cause unnecessary irritation apart from wastage of time.

How to Change Your Default SSID Name and Password?

Since emphasis has been laid about the importance of changing the default SSID name and password, the most likely question to be raised is how to do the same? The Software Configuration Page for the wireless modem is where SSID name change takes place.

You can access settings using a web browser with the common IP address and generic username and password provided by the modem manufacturer. After logging in the network, you can change the network name (SSID) as well as the password for your network.

In case you find the following procedure a bit difficult to manage, you can always contact the ISP technical support team to walk you through the various steps to have your network ID and password changed for you.

Since most people live in huge apartment buildings, overlapping of network names is a problem that can occur if you do not change your default SSID. In such a case, you should opt for a unique SSID as it will prevent any connection problems.

However, while changing your network SSID name, avoid using personal information as this will be broadcast to anyone within the vicinity. Access your router’s settings by signing in with the administrator’s credentials and change the SSID or Wi-Fi network’s name to something unique.

Unusual Wi-Fi Names for Your Network SSID

Renaming your SSID is extremely important. But renaming it to what is the primary question? You shouldn’t use personal information like name, date of birth or address embedded in your SSID name. It is important that you avoid using any of your internet or windows login passwords as your network ID.

Avoid enticing and tempting network names to evade intruders. You can choose a name which has both letters and numbers (up to 32 alphanumeric characters) and it is advised that you keep changing it at regular intervals. For ease of functioning, you can note down the new SSID name at an easy to find a place.

People can let their creative instincts take over while renaming their network SSID. Letting their imaginations run wild, they come up with some of the most unusual, insanely funny or outrightly scary network SSID names.

It may be an extension of their personality or their desire to stand out from the crowd, but some of these names are hilarious and simply out of this world.

You can use your imagination or a name generating software to achieve similar results. Here’s a look at some of the funniest Wi-Fi names for network SSID.

  • Don’t even try it.
  • Virus-infected Wi-Fi.
  • Hack if you can.
  • Pay $1 per hour.
  • You are hacked.
  • Very slow internet.
  • Searching…
  • Network not found.
  • You lost your connection.
  • Please connect for identity theft.
  • Connect and die.

Funny WiFi Names

  • RIP LAN.
  • Ironman vs Captain America.
  • FRIENDS Fans connect here.
  • This is a trap.
  • You are under CCTV surveillance.
  • You will die if you tap me.
  • localhost.
  • 404 WiFi not found.
  • I have WiFi but you don’t.
  • Check your credit card bill. lol.
  • Your music is annoying.
  • You can’t connect me.
  • Click to install ransomware.
  • Free bitcoins.
  • Shake your phone for connecting to this WiFi.
  • Poor signal.
  • This is hotspot, not WiFi.
  • Happy birthday stranger.
  • Connection lost.
  • No internet access.
  • Talk Less, Work more.
  • Bandwidth Together.
  • It Burns When IP.
  • No LAN for the Wicked.
  • Keep it on the Download.
  • Blind Sight.
  • Sweet Victory.
  • Final Fantasy Finally Finishes.
  • Lifeblood.
  • Living on the Wire.
  • Guess Where We Live.
  • Don’t even try it.
  • I don’t like Gang Bang.

Cool WiFi Names

  • Virus WiFi
  • The Next Door
  • Don’t Snoop
  • Justin Bieber trivia questions.
  • Yell “Doggy” to know password.
  • TheInternetIsAssur
  • Find nearby WiFi
  • Nacho WiFi
  • Ye old Internet
  • Hack me
  • Dunder-Mifflin
  • Rahul Gandhi Youth Network.
  • Manmohan Singh Browser.
  • Narendra Modi Browser.
  • I can read your emails.
  • IveSeenYouNaked!
  • 404 Network Unavailable Be Safe.
  • The Promised LANs.
  • Bill Wi, the Science F
  • Hide Your Kids Hide Your WiFi.
  • Homeland Security.
  • NSA Drone #3
  • Tellmywifilovehim.
  • Theres a cream for that (must be dual band 6Ghz).
  • Two girls one router
  • Big Bang Booger
  • Welcome To Your Doom.
  • Want free wifi?!?!
  • Wi Fi Fo Fum
  • Fck-off
  • I Now Declare You Husband and WiFi.
  • KungFuPanda.
  • I Love My Neighor.

Best WiFi Names

  • Don’t even try it
  • Your music is annoying.
  • Bring Beer and Women to 40.2.
  • For P**n Use Only
  • Feel Like Flying
  • My Own Damn Internet.
  • Virus Infected WiFi
  • You Pay Now.
  • GetOffMyLawn.
  • Mom Use This One.
  • Your grammar is more annoying.
  • No Free Wifi for you.
  • Get your Own Wi-Fi F**k Head.
  • Access Denied.
  • Here’s the Password Clue Read again.
  • Unknown Device.
  • You have been blocked.
  • Ask to Join Networks.
  • Your Session has expired.
  • Hack Me!
  • LAN Halen
  • SpiderLAN
  • Torrent Gump
  • Lord Voldemodem.
  • Hodor
  • Vladimir Routin.

Geeky WiFi Names

  • Bill Wi the Science Fi.
  • 404 Network Unavailable.
  • C:Virus.exe
  • Go & Take Money From Your Dad.
  • “Hack If You Can”.
  • Connect and Die.
  • Come Get Hacked.
  • Netflix Streaming!
  • It Burns When IP.
  • AgentSmith
  • Network error
  • Error: Can’t Connect.
  • NotTheWiFiYouAreLookingFor.
  • 128 KBPS WiFi
  • NSA Surveillance Station 4.
  • DarkKnight.
  • This is My Number **********.
  • You’re AllNoobs.
  • Enter Wireless
  • Virus Infected WiFi.

Nerdy Wi-Fi Names

  • A LANister Never Forgets.
  • Bill Wi the Science Fi.
  • Banana Stand Money.
  • Wild Wifi Appeared.
  • Hey its me ur wifi.
  • Skynet
  • Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wifi.
  • E=MC Square Dance.
  • That’s What She SSID.
  • 8hz WAN IP
  • Alt-255
  • Spiderman’s World Wide Web.
  • Your Wifi is in Another Castle.
  • Occam’s Router
  • Troy and Abed in the Modem.
  • Not A Pokestop
  • Gold Mines
  • Your GF Name
  • IOS User
  • Abbe ! Hatt Na
  • Not yours Property
  • Parliament WiFi
  • PM Modi WiFi
  • Dunder-Mifflin
  • Dontlookatp**n
  • Yell “Doggy” to know password.
  • Last night I saw you naked.
  • WillUmarryMe?
  • Go Home Tourists.

Awesome Names for Wifi Router

  • Searching…
  • Hogsmeade
  • No Wifi Network Found In Your Area.
  • Unprotected CeX
  • Protected CeX
  • Free CeX
  • Virus WiFi
  • No Wires, Still alive and working.
  • Dirty picture
  • Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe.
  • Good Boi
  • Your Crush is my babe.
  • Bakchod WIfi
  • Powerful WiFi
  • Net cut
  • Wohooo !
  • Chal Bsdk
  • Hero Wifi
  • Shaktiman Wifi
  • Haveli
  • Press here
  • Connect fast
  • College Wifi.
  • Canteen WiFi.
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