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How to Get PR9 Dofollow Backlink from Google+

Get Dofollow Backlink from Google+

As now a day Every Blogger Know very well Google Plus is a another great and successful social networking website from where you can drive lot of traffic to your website/Blog. As I know Google Plus have PR-9 same as Facebook but Google pay more value on backlink which are made from Google plus because facebook is not of Google and Google plus is social network owning by Google Inc.

So, one day a Blogger asked me a Question – “ can I get Dofollow backlink from Google Plus ?” I said “Yes” and it is so easy way to create do follow backlink . So, Today here we will discuss about some problems – Get Traffic from Google plus, Create Do follow Backlink, etc.

Google+ dofollow Backlinks

How to Get Dofollow Backlink:

Why We need to Use Google+?

As I explained you Google Plus Social network is owning by Google so, Team of Google Gives more importance for Google+ then Facebook or other social networks.

  • It Helps us to increase SERP of our Blog.
  • If  You got more +1 from Google then Your Post will Index Quickly.
  • It will Help you to Increase Your Authority.

SO, Friends these are very common profit which you will get from google plus so, always share your post after publish.

Steps to Get Dofollow Backlink:

No need to take Tension guys, because it is very easy and simple here I am going to explain in easy steps.

Step 1 : First of All You need to visit- Google Plus website >> Sign In

Step 2 : After the opening complete page click on “Profile” Button.

Step 3: Here you need to click on “About” Section .

Step 4: here you will see many boxes , Only see a “Story “ box and click on ‘Edit’ .

Step 5 : When You’ll Click here then You will see a box to edit everything of story box so, there you need to write a brief Description of Account holder with include your Website or Blog link as Shown in Image .

Google+ dofollow Backlinks

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Step6: Now, after the Fill everything no need to touch any other place only click on “Save” to save these changes.

Congratulations!! Now Google plus will automatically provide you dofollow backlink. as I said to you it also provide you Traffic and Daily readers for your blog/site .

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  • Thanks for the steps. Although the ui has changed now. You should look to update your images.

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    Very nice step for get backlink from G+. I have been impemented it in my new website, and just less than 2 hours, my post indexed in google search…


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  • Great Info Harshil Bro, But we can get Dofollow links on google plus not on 9PR. Because different different URL and different PR. So it PR will be depend on our profile page. but anyway its such an informative post.

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  • Thanks for such an informative post. I had a similar article on new link-building techniques, which I thought you would be interested to read:
    Secondly, you will never ever get a PR9 backlink as 9 is the Page Rank of Google Plus homepage, not of an individual profile page.