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7 Facebook Ad Tools That You Should Use In 2023

In today’s digital world, social media platforms are essential for businesses to connect with their target customers. Facebook is a particularly powerful platform that offers great opportunities for businesses to engage with users and turn them into loyal customers. Smart marketers use Facebook ad tools to make the most of this platform.

These tools are valuable resources that give businesses an advantage. They help optimize advertising campaigns, increase brand visibility, and achieve impressive returns on investment. In this guide, we will explore Facebook ad tools, their features, benefits, and how you can use them to boost your marketing efforts.

Top Facebook Ad Tools for 2023

Facebook Ad Tools


Vaizle is a fantastic tool for Facebook ads that makes it easy to keep track of and understand how your ad campaigns are doing. It has a user-friendly interface and strong analytics that give you valuable information about how well your ads are performing. You can see things like how engaged people are with your ads, how many people your ads reach, and how many people are converting into customers.

By using Vaizle, you can make smart decisions based on data, improve your ads, and save time while making the most of your Facebook advertising strategy.

What’s more, Vaizle has great audience-targeting features. These features help you connect with Facebook users who are highly likely to be interested in and engage with your ads. It means you can reach the right people and get better results for your business.

Hootsuite Ads 

Hootsuite Ads tool is a really helpful and flexible platform that makes it easy to create, manage, and improve your social media ad campaigns. It lets you reach the right people on different social media platforms, like Facebook, in a simple way.

Using Hootsuite Ads, you can make your advertising work more efficiently, save time, and get better results on Facebook and other social media platforms. It’s a great tool to boost your marketing efforts and reach your target audience effectively.

Drift Rock 

Driftrock is a user-friendly advertising platform that makes it easy to manage and improve your digital ad campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you’re advertising on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn – Driftrock has a dashboard that brings everything together and makes managing campaigns simple and stress-free.

Using Driftrock, you can create, schedule, and keep an eye on your ad campaigns all in one place. The platform also has powerful targeting features that help you reach the right people at the perfect time. It’s a handy tool that simplifies advertising and ensures you get the best results from your campaigns.


Qwaya is a tool with cool features that help you make your campaigns work better. You can do things like A/B testing, ad rotation, and bulk editing to fine-tune your campaigns and get better results. Plus, Qwaya gives you detailed information and reports about how your ads are doing, so you can learn what works best.

Creating ads with Qwaya is easy. You can use special templates to design your ads, and they have a search engine that helps you find the right people on Facebook for your ads. It’s a handy tool that makes advertising simpler and more effective.


Sometimes, people might leave comments on your ads, and that’s totally okay! Adview is a great tool to help you manage those conversations easily. You can respond to comments right away or use pre-made templates for quick replies.

Adview also shows you which ads are getting the most comments, and it has a useful filter feature to help you organize and find comments that you’ve already read and replied to. It’s a helpful tool to keep your ad interactions organized and efficient.

Perfect Audience 

The Perfect Audience tool is quite similar to Adroll in many ways. It helps advertisers find and connect with their ideal audience.

Retargeting might seem easy at first, but it’s actually more complex than you might think. That’s where Perfect Audience comes in handy. It acts as a helpful guide, offering the support and expertise you need to navigate the intricacies of retargeting effectively.

Facebook Ads Manager 

We must include Facebook Ads Manager in this list. It’s a tool right inside Facebook Business Manager that helps you create ads to reach specific groups of people.

This tool is easy to use, so you can create, manage, and improve your campaigns without any trouble. It looks a lot like regular Facebook, so it’s familiar and simple for beginners. As you get more experienced, you might want to try more advanced Facebook marketing tools, but Ads Manager is a great place to start.


Facebook Ads tools are a set of strong and useful resources for businesses and advertisers to meet their marketing goals. They help with creating ads, finding the right people to show them to, and tracking how well they’re doing. These tools are powerful and can improve the performance of your ads, reach the people you want to target, and get more conversions.

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