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4 Glaring Signs Your Business Needs A Website Redesign

Website update isn’t something you should completely rule out. As your business needs to be up and running, the website needs to be functional 24/7. An updated website is essential for your business, and it will serve as a calling card for your business.

How do you know your business website needs an upgrade?

Business Needs A Website Redesign

Updating its content to reach and keep the target audience is a crucial strategy for business development. This strategy will lead to consistent (or even improved) sales. And you know, your website says a lot about business.

So, are you wondering if your business needs a website redesign? Does your website feel stale and outdated? Do you want to improve and generate more leads? Well then, friend, this article will briefly discuss four glaring signs your business website needs a revamp soon! Here;

Your website hates mobile users!

No pun intended though, what I mean is; your website isn’t mobile-friendly or is unresponsive to mobile devices and browsers. It isn’t a closed deal to have a website that opens on desktops, but your website must be optimized for mobile devices and browsers.

Technically, in the world today, we tend to use mobile phones as our primary research device. We could even opt to purchase from any business site immediately we see what we like on it without switching to desktop mode. This could increase your sales if customers can get access through their mobile phones.

So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive, you might be missing out on some potential customers willing to patronize you on the go. This means your website definitely needs a revamp.

The website’s SEO ranking sucks 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial factor in digital marketing, and it helps announce your presence on any search engine –mainly Google. High SEO ranking will boost website traffic and, therefore, sales.

Poor SEO ranking will affect you, and you might not reach potential customers looking for what your business offers. Let’s say; if a potential customer uses the search keyword ‘dieticians,’ which is what you do, will your business show up on the first page of search results or page 20?

Many customers won’t even go past the first page of the search results. This means you’ve lost potential customers to your customers who must’ve optimized their sites to be live on the first page of the organic search results.

You did a rebranding recently.

If you’ve recently revamped your brand, this is another glaring sign that your website shouldn’t stay the same way either.

Since your website is the principal means to drive visitors to patronize you, you need to be sure that the message you’re trying to lay across is what your site does. I mean, why would you rebrand if you didn’t make changes to an existing value?

If it’s a logo change, make sure your website reflects the same thing. Change is constant and evolving, so your sites need to keep up. Don’t keep your customers in the dark, and keep in mind that first impression does matter.

Customers can’t stay a minute on your website.

This means that customers navigate out of your website very quickly. This is usually referred to as a high bounce rate or exit rate. A website with a high bounce rate signifies that customers aren’t finding what they need on your site as quickly as they should. This harms the site’s performance.

You need to consider your target audience and compare it with the goals and strategies of your site. Your website needs to answer the needs of the customers quickly, or they will navigate away. Work with an experienced web designer in Sydney to handle this effectively.


If you’ve happened to notice any of these signs –indeed, they are glaring, it is simply a sign that you need a redesign and revamp sooner than later because the longer you wait, the more you lose potential customers.

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