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5 Design Tips to Remember When Building Your Business Website

When you go all in on a business website, your online presence gets a significant boost. Whether local or national, one of the first places a consumer looks for businesses is online.

Design Tips to Building Business Website

By putting effort into your website design, you guarantee consumers are getting the best version of your company. After reading about these five useful tips, click here for more info on business website design.

5] Don’t Clutter Up The Webpage

Communication is all about clarity. It becomes hard to communicate your message to a consumer when they are bombarded by text, media and pop up ads. Space information out, and place it in areas where it makes the most sense.

Keep the information relevant on the main page while inviting the reader to explore more if their curiosity permits. Once you go overboard with information, it is hard to retain the attention of a visitor.

4] Keep The Name Simple

As a company, you want to make the domain name as close as possible to your company name. Trying to get fancy with the domain name will end up sending visitors to different websites. If possible, purchase multiple domain names that are similar to your company name.

This prevents competitors or other small companies from capitalizing on your branding. It is a small upfront investment that will pay off in a big way when you start getting a lot of traffic.

3] Rework The Call To Action

There are countless business websites that forget to include a call to action. This is something that should be on each page, and it needs to inspire the visitor to be curious.

Call To Action

Keep the verbiage short, and make sure that the message and company vision is clear. Even if the consumer leaves without being interested in your company, they should still know exactly what you’re offering.

2] Make Navigation Smooth

This includes all devices, whether at home or on the move. The mobile website should be just as full-featured as your desktop website. Use tabs at the top of the page (when necessary) to space out important sections of information about your company.

The usual Services, About, Contact and History tabs are a good starter. No matter what page a visitor is on, they should easily be able to navigate back to the home page.

1] Contact Information Should Be Easy To Find

You never want to make an interested visitor search for contact information. This sets a bad example, long before you can even gain their full interest.

Ways to contact your company should follow the visitor on each page, and should never require multiple scrolls or page downs. If you consider contact a first impression, then go all out and make it the easiest thing to find.

Wrap Up

Creating a website doesn’t have to be difficult if you use the right tools. Stick to your original design principles, and use the tips provided to create the best user experience. Remember that a website represents your company, so it is best to handle it with the best care possible.

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