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How to Convince Another Person to Do Anything You Want

The ability to turn another person into putty in one’s hands gets a bad rap it really doesn’t deserve. Yes, there will always be those out there who use it to take advantage of others and do others wrong. But there are situations where the ability to subtly manipulate someone to facilitate a particular outcome is a positive thing.

For example, you can gently persuade a good sugar daddy to make better decisions, reach their full potential, or conquer a fear that’s holding them back. You can leverage your abilities to keep someone toxic from standing in your way (or in the way of someone you love), as well. Here’s how you can go about things.

How to Convince Another Person to Do Anything

Gain mastery over your emotions

A sugar baby who’s ruled by her emotions and can’t trust herself to make rational decisionsisn’t in a position to talk anyone else into doing her bidding. First, you have to learn to control yourself, so start your journey there.

Then you need to learn how to tap into your various emotions as needed. Sugar babies who are great at manipulating other people know how to laugh, cry, and all the rest of it when necessary. And they know how to mean it, too, as people are better at spotting a fake than you might think.

Learn to play to other people’s emotions

No one, sugar baby or otherwise, needs to be told how powerful emotions can be. If you can get someone to a place where they’re feeling something specific very, very deeply, you’re already most of the way there toward getting what you want from them.

So it’s time to become more in tune with your own sense of empathy. Practice reading other people and gently guiding their emotions to a place that will open the person up to your suggestions. At that point, they really will be putty in your hands.

Be a likable person

If you’re a sugar baby from Sugar Daddy For Me, then you likely already know a thing or two about being super likable. And that’s a good thing because people who are good at persuading other people to do things are either very intimidating or very likable. Likable is a lot more fun for both people involved, so it’s important to be someone other people like and want to please.

Are you a negative or cynical person? It’s time to change that in favor of being sunny, cheerful, and easy to be around. Are you the type who likes to keep to yourself instead of reaching outward toward other people? Practice being more outgoing, sociable, and friendly. Ultimately, people need to like you and feel good being around you if you’re going to convince them to do things a certain way.

Become fluent in body language

Naturally, people don’t always say exactly what they mean. (In fact, they often don’t.) But body language rarely lies, so it’s essential to learn how to read it like a champ and respond to it appropriately. A verbal yes or no that doesn’t come attached to matching body language isn’t indicative of the person’s real feelings, so it’s important to know how to tell the difference.

A sugar daddy or other person who’s comfortably maintaining eye contact, demonstrating open body language, and giving plenty of signals that they’re comfortable can probably be taken at face value. A person who’s acting antsy and evasive or fidgeting, though? Probably not so much.

Work it if you’ve got it

Every sugar baby has something special going for her that can help her win a person over in a pinch, and you’re no exception. Maybe you have an amazing figure or a face so beautiful it could stop traffic. Or perhaps you’ve got a killer sense of humor or a razor-sharp intellect.

Don’t be ashamed or afraid to use these things to your advantage. Charm of any kind is a huge advantage when you’re hoping to convince someone to try things your way. So if you’ve got it, rock it to your advantage.

Ease people into bigger tasks

If what you want from your sugar daddy or other acquaintance is relatively small, then you’ll probably be able to get it by simply being sweet, charming, and super likable. But a bigger favor may be something you’ll need to work up to.

One way to do this is to hit the person up for a smaller favor before nonchalantly following up with what you actually wanted them to do. You can also watch for an opportunity to swoop in and help them out with something to soften them up and make them more amenable to helping you.

Ultimately, it’s always better to simply be upfront and honest with people as far as asking a sugar daddy for what you really want. But it’s also handy to know how to bend them to your will a bit without their realizing it.

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