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How To Make Her Miss You After A Break Up

Believe it or not, there are some exciting and interesting ways of making your ex-girlfriend miss you like hell even after break up! Nevertheless, you also have to keep this in mind that you can’t get your ex-girlfriend back by forcing her to do what you want.

If you’re that type of a boyfriend who keeps calling her or begging her to come back to your life, chances are high that you’ll never see her again.

How To Make Your Ex Miss You

Ways To Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Misses You

If you keep telling her how much you miss her, there are high chances you’ll never see her again. Not only that, she will be surer that breaking up with you was possibly the best decision that she made. Now that you’re here, it is obvious that you’re still interested in your ex-girlfriend.

So, we have created this guide to teach men how they can make their ex-girlfriends miss them just as they do. Once you go through this guide, this will literally become your ‘go-to’ guide for anything related to the feeling of missing someone. Check it out.

Situation 1: Speak to her on phone, reactivate her feelings and then give a break of 7 days

Yes, you’ve read it right! This is certainly one of the most effective ways of making a woman miss you post a breakup. You have to re-spark her feelings of attraction and respect for you over the phone and then cut off communication for a week.

Some ways of doing that are.

  • By using humor to lighten up her mood or just breaking that ice or the awkwardness that may be there between you two.
  • And by displaying your confidence by not feeling nervous or unsure about yourself when she is being unfriendly towards you.
  • By flirting with her for creating that sexual tension rather being too neutral or nice to her.

The key is to bring back that spark in her so that she starts missing you when you don’t contact her again. The last thing on her mind would be how nice it was to talk to you over the phone all over again and how different you have become since you both broke up!

If you try to make her miss you by just ignoring her since she no longer has feelings for you, this won’t work as she won’t care for you much. Instead she may move on with life and get herself another man.

Situation 2: Post pictures on social media where you’re enjoying life with others

Even though your ex-girlfriend has unfriended you on social media, there are high chances that she’ll stalk on your profile at times in order to see what you are up to.

She will secretly and silently try to know whether or not you’re still missing her or if you’ve moved on. This is why you have to ensure that you update only happy photos and posts on your social media.

Make sure all the photos that you post from now on are of having fun with others, with friends, doing something fun with other women or enjoying at a concert or some social event. In case she is no longer your friend on social media, make sure the photos are public and not just restricted to your friends.

Chances are high that when she checks your profile, she’ll be surprised to know that you’re not sitting around feeling sorry about yourself.

When you post photos of you having fun with other people, she might be left thinking to herself about how she wished she was with you in all these moments. She’ll start feeling drawn towards you again.

Situation 3: Let the mutual connections see you happy and confident without her

One of the best methods of making your ex-girlfriend miss you and maker want you back in her life is by simply moving on in your life and letting her find that out.

All you need to do is have fun and ensure that your mutual friends see you that way. The news is definitely going to reach her. When her friends talk to her, they’re certainly going to convey that news to her.

She may feel a little sad remembering the things that you both did together. She may also start thinking things like, “I miss him and the way we used to have fun as a couple.” The more you enjoy life without her company, the more she’ll be attracted towards you.

Situation 4: Don’t be too available and responsive

When your ex is still trying her best to stay in touch with you post breakup, you too may feel tempted to continue the chit-chat and hence the connection.

In your mind, you may think that if you don’t reply instantly, she might not call or text you back. These kinds of thoughts make you too available to her and she may not get a chance to miss you.

Hence, a better way to interact with your ex-girlfriend is to not reply to her texts always. Show that you’re not willing to talk to her on any topic that she wants. This will then make her think how you’ve changed since the breakup. This will make her think of you in a positive manner and hence she’ll start missing you.

On the other hand, if you become too available to her, she’ll start thinking wrong things about you. “Why is he so responsive about me? Doesn’t he have a life of his own?

When does he eat or sleep or go to work and when does he go out with friends? I wonder whether he is just sitting and waiting all day to hear from me.”

Hence, just relax and reply to her when you want. Use humor whenever you talk back to her to keep the mood light. Arrange a meet-up and recreate that spark to eventually be able to make a space in her life.

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the ways in which you can make your ex-girlfriend miss you post break-up, what are you waiting for? Try implementing these methods to know whether they actually work in making your ex-girlfriend miss you.

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