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Top 5 Easy Gifts to Send for Someone Living Abroad

Buying a gift for someone living in another country can be a difficult task to handle. It always is a headache if you want to actually surprise a person, be original, and practical at the same time. And besides choosing a good and useful present, you need to figure out the gift shipping question.

Eatable things from a foreign country are something we’re used to get for our friends and family. Pleasing someone with sweets and other delicious treats is always a great idea, but it is not a perfect plan if you need to send it on a long-distance journey overseas.

Easy Gifts to Send for Someone Living Abroad

Sending perishable things is a risky thing to do unless you use express shipping services. However, there’s always a risk of a shipment being delayed or stuck at customs, and the chocolate melting during the complex transportation process.

If you’re solving this gift puzzle, we are here to help. Here’s a TOP 5 long-distance practical gifts ideas that can be easily delivered overseas. Doesn’t matter if you’re shipping to Poland from the USA or to someone living on the same continent, these things will not get damaged and all are quite practical as well.

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If the person you’re planning on sending a gift to is a book lover, you will not find a better gift than a good read. Choose the book genre based on the person’s taste in literature. If you don’t know this information, you can always go with a piece of reading related to the country you’re living in.

We all know that books are super easy to pack and it’s a huge benefit when you need them to be delivered to another country. Also, books are durable and strong, therefore the possibility of getting them damaged during the transportation process is minor.

Hint: make sure the book you’re sending as a gift is written in a language the reader knows well.


Bracelets, earrings, watches, pendants. Doesn’t matter what type of piece you will get, jewelry is always a brilliant idea as a gift for someone you care about. Plus, you can always make it more sentimental by engraving it with some special symbols.

Pieces of jewelry are usually really tiny, so it will be easy to have them packed and delivered internationally. However, make sure to declare the full amount of its value and stay super careful when shipping high-value accessories.


Clothes, shoes, and other outfit details can be a great gift if you’re close to a person enough to know his or her size and of course, style. From scarves and hats to pants and dresses – every piece of clothing will be a superior gift if you know the person will wear and appreciate it.

Clothing is also great for shipping overseas, as it can be easily packed into a cardboard box. It’s not fragile and has no expiration date. Just an ideal deal for a long-distance journey from one country to another.

Plane tickets

If the person you want to get a gift is the one you really miss, plane tickets to your country could be an outstanding gift for both of you. However, you have to make sure the ticket has no set date. It is known as an open plane ticket or “flexi flights”.

This kind of ticket allows making changes to the flight date and time after the ticket is purchased. It’s up to you how to deliver it. It can be shipped in a simple envelope or sent online. In any way, it definitely will be a big surprise.

Online gifts

If you don’t want to worry about gift shipping to another country, then get an online gift. You can choose from various subscriptions, online books, gift coupons to shop in an online store, theatre tickets, you name it. With the remote world we’re currently living in, online gifts are on the rise.

This option is also great if you’ve missed the occasion a bit and there’s no time for package shipping. You can have the online gift transferred to the person you want to surprise in seconds.

The bottom line

These are just a few gift ideas that might be a good choice if you need them to be delivered to another country.

However, the list of easily transported things can be endless. Be creative, and when you come up with a great idea, make sure the gift is not super fragile, perishable, or has an expiration date.

Another important thing is the choice of package shipping company. If you decide to ship a gift overseas, make sure the courier is reliable and will take proper care of your shipment. This way you’ll be sure the gift will reach the recipient on time and in great condition.

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