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A Killer Guide to Save Money While Buying Premium Theme

We all have a wordpress blog and what we do is customizing it to make it look “wonderful” I mean it. Everyone in this world is fascinated to the word “beauty” and when it comes to your blog or website then its a sure thing. But according to my opinion you should take care of the theme first, I’m not asking you to change the theme everyday or take care of your blog looks everyday but when you do it for the first time, I mean at first you should select the best theme for your blog and apply it with full customization according to your needs, so that you can leave that part for months or years.

Premium Themes Buying Tips

But what can I do? I liked a theme which is top rated on themeforest but I’m out of money I’ve only a small budget but I need the theme badly. Aha! all I can say is read this guide and get that theme for 😉 for? Ah let’s see 🙂 Actually I know some small and easy methods which you may or may not know it. Just to share with you all these things I decided to write an article on this blog. So let’s start 🙂

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Google “Coupon Codes”

Coupons coupons and coupons! Before making any purchase online whether it is hosting or domain or email or even recharge we think of a coupon. But why not for themes? yes you can think of googling coupon while you’re purchasing themes online. Like if you want mythemeshop coupon then you may google like mythemeshop coupon and so on. So think of googling coupons before making purchases for premium themes.

Ask The Affiliates

Premium Themes

This is something good to be good. If you didn’t understand the topic then let me explain you with an example 🙂 . Actually you know about themeforest and their themes. So if I’m interested in purchasing a themeforest theme and what I’ll be doing is contacting an affiliate of Themeforest and I’ll make the purchase with his affiliate link. In this case he should be getting something like 30% -40% even upto 50% in elegant themes. So what if he’s giving a money back guarantee on your purchase simple you save good money. But be careful only use trusted peoples to do this job. Even you can use your own affiliate but its cheating 😛 .

Grab an Offer

Offers are something like coupons but some theme developers release exclusive offers for a limited period of time and if you can grab em’ that’s superfine. I’ve seen many developers including Themeforest team and elegant themes offering a 1 hour offer. If you are purchasing the theme within a hour then you may get 50% off like that so on. So try to grab them to save big money and for that ping them through their facebook, twitter profiles 🙂

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Giveaways Around

If you’re lucky then this is one of the best method to get the theme for free. For example if you are interested in buying the theme XYZ then google ” XYZ theme giveaway” and if you can find some fresh giveaways then that’s super fine 🙂 You can get the theme for free by doing some promotion with your punch tab link and blah blah! You get the theme dude.

Killer Tip : Review Offer

I’ve used this method past days and got good results. Actually you need a blog or some promotional stuffs to claim this tip. Before that let me say how it works. Last month I was in need of a theme and decided to purchase it from themeforest. After finding the theme I decided to mail them asking a free copy so that I can review that theme on my blog for free. Frankly speaking I got good and positive responses with the theme for free. Now that’s simple and super fine but keep in mind you need any thing to promote them 🙂

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