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What Is Patient Care Network of Oklahoma ? Overview

A nonprofit healthcare company called Patient Care Network of Oklahoma offers senior citizens home care services. They are experts in managing chronic illnesses, and they put a priority on assisting their patients in leading happier healthier lives.

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) has completely changed the way patients in 77 counties in Oklahoma are supported by the healthcare system. Nineteen Oklahoma Community Health Centers are affiliated with this organization, which is located in the United States.

PCNOK was established in 2014 with the goal of fostering better teamwork, and over the course of the last eight years, it has become one of the state of Oklahoma’s largest networks of primary care providers.

Their method of care spans all stages of life, from prenatal to geriatric care. We will talk in-depth about the objectives, services, and technologies offered by this care network today. There is a lot to talk about, so let’s start.

Brief History

The not-for-profit Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNO) was established in 1988. The goal of the group is to enhance patient care through advocacy and instruction. Health care providers all over the state can access resources and support from PCNO.

The PCNO’s main office is in Oklahoma City. The group offers thorough patient care services through more than 60 chapters spread across the state. In addition to advocacy and member networking, PCNO also provides public education and research services. Experts in a range of disciplines, including nursing, geriatrics, informatics, marketing, and health policy, make up the PCNO staff. Their objective is to support healthcare professionals so they can offer patients high-quality care.

What is the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma?

A non-profit organization called Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) offers comprehensive patient care, including long-term care, medical and surgical services, and rehabilitation. PCNOK’s headquarters are in Oklahoma City, where it was established in 1978. More than 650 organizations, such as doctors, hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, nursing homes, and other long-term care providers, are part of PCNOK. Through its member networks, members give access to more than 1 million patients each year.

How does it work?

All patients can benefit from a technology solution that PCNOK offers and has been used in the field of medical science. This function enables close observation of the patient’s health status outside of the hospital.

It is a technological advancement that enables medical professionals to treat patients who are released from the hospital or have excruciating chronic illnesses. With the aid of this technology, doctors are given a treatment option for their patients who undergo long-term therapy that requires periodic monitoring.

PCNOK provides a variety of services that include

Any PCNOK member facility is able to provide healthcare for patients. The patient’s insurance company or any other third parties are not charged for the services. Additionally, PCNOK provides military personnel and their families with discounts on services. Anyone who requires patient care and satisfies the eligibility requirements may join PCNOK.

The PCNOK’s code of ethics and standards of practice must be followed by members. Patients can call the organization’s toll-free number, which is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for information or assistance. Visit or dial (800) 473-9584 for more details on PCNOK or eligibility for membership.

Who Can Join?

Founded in 1984, the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNO) is a nonprofit healthcare organization. The consortium includes more than 2,000 doctors and 34 hospitals, including six pediatric hospitals. PCNO coordinates patient care and encourages cooperation among its members to raise the standard of patient care. Any hospital or doctor who satisfies the consortium’s criteria for participation and quality is eligible to join PCNO.

Access to a variety of resources, such as a shared electronic health record, a shared laboratory system, trauma services, and a statewide cancer network, is available to all members. In order to offer complete care for patients with chronic conditions, PCNO also works in conjunction with allied health organizations.

By exchanging best practices and working together on initiatives that will benefit all patients, the consortium aims to raise the caliber of patient care provided to all of its members. By working together, PCNO hopes to shorten wait times and increase access to specialty care.

PCNOK Impact

Since 2014, PCNOK has provided patient care in 77 counties throughout the state of Oklahoma. It strives to make the best medical care accessible and affordable to everyone. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is that all employees put in a lot of effort and provide patients with better care than any other organization of a like nature.

The PCNOK is an alliance of community behavioral health organizations and community health centers in Oklahoma. A Comprehensive Community Addiction Recovery Center, a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center, and 19 of the 22 health centers that serve Oklahoma are among the members.

PCNOK works to advance the triple goal of health care reform toward better care, healthier people, and wise spending by acting as a clinically integrated network. The company also supports membership-wide group buying initiatives and other forms of reciprocal contracting.

Benefits for Members

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNO) is a non-profit group that offers its members high-quality medical care. More than 16,000 people are currently a part of PCNO, which was established in 1976. The group provides members with a range of advantages, such as savings on prescription drugs, pharmacy services, and other health-related goods and services. Members of PCNO have access to a state-wide network of medical professionals and facilities.

Types of Membership

More than 130 healthcare organizations in the state are included in the umbrella organization known as the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNO). Through advocacy, research, and education, it seeks to improve patient care coordination and quality. In addition, PCNO offers its affiliated hospitals and clinics support and resources. All medical practitioners in the state are eligible to join PCNO. Hospitals, independent health systems, doctor groups, nursing homes, and home health organizations are all members.

The network provides a number of services, such as:

  • A database of state-wide healthcare resources.
  • Provider education initiatives.
  • Research projects on issues like quality improvement.
  • Patient advocacy initiatives.

FAQs about PCN of Oklahoma

What is the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma ?

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCN) is a non-profit medical facility that offers patients in the state of Oklahoma high-quality medical services. PCN was established in 1985 and currently manages six hospitals: St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Fort Sill Medical Center, Baptist Hospital of Tulsa, Cleveland Clinic Tulsa, and Banner Health Muskogee Hospital. Additionally, the organization runs more than 100 clinics and programs across the state.

What services does PCN offer?

Patients in the state of Oklahoma can receive a range of high-quality medical services from PCN. Hospitalizations for acute care, outpatient care, preventive services, maternity and pediatric care, home health care, hospice services, and other services are among the offerings.

How much does PCN charge for its services?

Patients at PCN pay according to their financial capacity. Low-income patients can receive services for free through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Most other fees are determined by the patient’s income.

Is PCN a member of any organizations?

American Nurses Association (ANA), American College of Surgeons (ACS), Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), Council for Quality Health Systems (CQHS), Joint Commission International (JCI), and National Committee for Quality Assurance are among the associations that PCN is a member of.

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