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3 Things Older Women Do to Keep the Mind and Body Healthy

Over the years, people refine their outlooks and apply everything they’ve learned to help them stay healthier and happier. We revisit youthful ideas we had about what we really want out of life and what our bodies truly need.

Everybody’s unique, so there’s no one universal path every woman can take to achieve health and fulfillment in their retirement years. But bear the following three things in mind and regard them as general principles to follow, and your mind and body should be in a better place.

What Do We Know About Healthy Aging?

Good Health in Later Life For Older Women

Friendly Competition Builds Community

There’s nothing like a friendly rivalry to motivate you and bring people together. It may seem counterintuitive to imagine people becoming friends after competing against each other directly but participating in the same activity promotes bonding and camaraderie.

Leading living communities offer residents fun activities like billiards, bocce, and shuffleboard. It’s nice to have a balance — publicly posting the scores makes the light competition more engaging. People of all ages need fun activities to connect them to each other and feel stimulated and challenged.

The best living centres offer unique and individualized care plans ensuring residents get vital support to help them age in place and eat nutritious and delicious food, all in a warm and supportive environment. Games and other communal activities play a large role in the best living centres, too.

Produce or Consume Art

Whether you have serious artistic ambition or you’d just like a fun and new diversion, art can give your mind whatever it’s looking for. There’s always something for everybody!

Have you always wanted to write that novel about your lifeor some imaginative and fantastical idea? Older women past the retirement age can allot some time to any project they have always yearned to complete.

Maybe you just want to dabble with a new hobby for fun, and you don’t care if the results are high art. Whether you want to sketch a fruit bowl, study the great painters, write a simple limerick, or read all of In Search of Lost Time, art can be a gateway into a sublime and empowering headspace.

Art can provide older women with everything from casual escapism to profound epiphanies about themselves and the world they live in.

Get the Body Moving

The mind and body affect each other. When you experience physical ailments, sensory receptors in your skin send a message via nerve fibres to your brain. Likewise, when you need to clear your mind, one of the best things you can do is go for a walk or get some exercise to release endorphins.

Women should find a form of exercise that suits their interests, strengths, and abilities. People of all ages can hurt themselves in the gym while training if they aren’t careful.

Older women should consider low impact, weight-bearing activities, such as swimming, yoga, and walking. We should never stop moving the body, though we need to do so in a healthy way. You’ll feel better, mentally and physically.

It’s not either-or when it comes to keeping your mind and body fit. Find activities that align with your goals and lifestyles and enjoy your journey!

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