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The Evolution of Mobile Phones – 1973 to 2015 (Infographic)

Evolution of the Mobile Phones: Most people today would feel lost without their mobile phone. However, surprisingly, these staples of modern life are a relatively recent invention. And since their introduction, mobile phones have changed rapidly in a relatively short space of time. This Infographic by FlexEnable gives an overview of the evolution of mobile phones, from the first ever mobile call made, to the mobile phones of today, and even what to expect in the future.

Evolution of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have come a long way since the first call was made by the Motorola executive Martin Cooper In first 1973. Back then, mobile phones were heavy devices with little the battery power and a hefty price tag. This meant that these devices were a status symbol of the affluent elite who could afford to spend the $2000 on these luxury devices. Those clunky, expensive and inconvenient machines have transformed over years into the sleek companions we treasure today.

What will the smartphones of the future look like? Want to know more about this awesome story of the technology, discovery and innovation? This Infographic, created by flexible technology company FlexEnable, It takes you on a journey from the beginning of the mobile revolution into the future.

Evolution of Mobiles

The Evolution of Mobiles

This Infographic is courtesy of Flexenable, presided by Indro Mukerjee – a leading producer in flexible electronics technology.

Indro Mukerjee is Chairman of FlexEnable, the leader in flexible electronics technology for wearables and sensors, which was launched following the transformation of Plastic Logic. He has Board level leadership experience in corporate multinational, new venture and private equity backed fast moving technology and industrial companies.

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