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Top 5 Companies to Work At As A Web Designer In the US

As of June 2021, there were nearly 1.9 billion websites on the internet, and over 1 million have increased since the end of 2020. The number of available sites has steadily increased over the years. It has only grown more quickly during the pandemic as lockdowns made the necessity to create an online presence all the more prominent for businesses. But as the web becomes more and more saturated by the hour, standing out in such a competitive market isn’t easy.

Companies are more willing to invest in good web design in this new virtual atmosphere, which is excellent news for creating websites. However, with over 26 million designers in the US alone in 2020, landing those key clients can still be challenging. Working with a San Francisco web design company that can assist in making those connections can be the difference between a successful or subpar career. Yet, choosing from over 77,000 US web design companies is no simple task. That’s why, by looking at research on LinkedIn, Clutch, and other reputable sources, we’ve picked out the top five US web design companies to work for among these thousands of options to help narrow your search.

Work At As A Web Designer In the US


Clay, founded in 2016 by Anton Zykin and Dmitry Tsozik, is a relatively young company. However, the business has grown dramatically since its conception, becoming one of the most prominent UI/UX design and web agencies in San Francisco, California. The Clay team has worked with big-name clients such as Facebook, Sony, Google, Slack, and more. Perhaps most importantly for a potential employee, Clay also prides itself on its small, close-knit team atmosphere and its high employee retention; the company has only fired one employee over its four years in business.

Clay’s success comes from its client-focused approach, which emphasizes usability and functionality. The company also highlights its ability to transform conventional elements into innovative results. Their team handles web design and a wide array of other services, including brand identity design, mobile app development, prototyping, and more.


In 2008, three mobile app developers in Virginia founded WillowTree, which has since grown to a 300+ person team with offices in Brooklyn, NY, Durham, NC, and Columbus, OH. In its 13 years in business, the WillowTree team has launched over 500 websites, bots, and apps and has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, including HBO, PepsiCo, National Geographic, and Wyndham Resorts & Hotels, among others.

WillowTree’s approach combines user research and rapid prototyping to create customized results in record time. By allowing clients to define their most desired metrics and catering to user experience simultaneously, the company develops designs that are not only beautiful but highly effective and engaging. Above all, the company values high-quality offerings, quick turnarounds, and loyalty. To ensure their long-term success, they have implemented a growth marketing strategy and are always looking to challenge their team and create new and unique innovations and solutions for their clients.


Since its formation in 2007 in Chicago, IL, Rightpoint has grown to become a team of more than 700, with 12 offices across the US. In that time, the company has worked with major clients such as Apple, Amazon, Square, and others. Known as innovators who emphasized emerging technology, the Rightpoint team has been recognized as one of the top customer experience consultancies in the Forrester Wave 2020 report.

An independent customer experience agency with a technology-first and insight-driven approach, the company creates meaningful connections with clients. They achieve this by focusing on digital transformations based on data to create highly effective results and their willingness to work with products, in the long run, adapting and improving over time to remain relevant.

Unleashed Technologies

Since its formation in 2007 in Maryland, Unleashed Technologies has served over 100 clients and created more than 400 apps and websites. Awarded a top-rated Drupal development firm and one of the top agencies in the DC and Baltimore markets three years in a row by Clutch, Unleashed is a leader in open-source technologies and offers many customizable services, from digital strategy development to web hosting and design.

With a customer-centric and data-driven approach, Unleashed Technologies works to integrate their team with their clients to develop a deeper understanding of the brand’s story in a way that is best suited for the business. In combination with creative design, innovative strategies, and powerful technologies, this collaborative process has successfully produced many award-winning websites and apps.


Since its creation in 2008, Netguru has developed over 600 projects and grown to a team of more than 650 people across the world. Having been featured in Business Insider, TechCrunch, and Product Hunt, the company is known for its revolutionary ideas and solutions to everyday problems and making life more efficient, from learning languages to renting bikes, banks, and more.

Working with small startups and major corporations alike across a wide range of industries, from lifestyle to finance and security, Netguru’s wheelhouse is creating meaningful products that can be used to help people. Offering many services, from product development and design to software solutions, the company takes a collaborative approach to their work, working closely with clients to address their concerns and overcome challenges along the way with innovative solutions.


Whether you want to work at a small company or a large company, and whether you’re interested in being a part of meaningful and charitable projects or want to have a hand in developing award-winning designs, there is sure to be a web design company out there for you. When looking at where to apply, it’s essential to understand its values, goals, and ability to offer growth opportunities and creative inspiration and analyze whether they align with your aims. It may take some time to do the required research, but finding a team that feels like a great fit will be worth it.

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