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The trend for blogging on the internet shows no signs of slowing down as we head towards the end of 2017. The top bloggers generating the highest numbers of views have been able to earn small fortunes from their blogs in recent years with some even attaining celebrity status and appearing on TV and in the news.

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Of course this only attracts other bloggers to try to get a piece of the action by creating their own similar blogs with the aim of building large numbers of subscribers of their own in order to generate an income.

Unlike popular television shows like Strictly or Bake-off, with broad appeal to a wide cross-section of society, each blog can have very specific types of fans and followers, who buy into the lifestyle the blogs are offering.

Over time the content of blogs slowly changes, sometimes mirroring trends in society and sometimes shaping it. The trend of “reaction” and “response” content continues, where bloggers are inspired by each other’s content to create their own blogs giving their own thoughts on the subject.

Experiential blogging is still a key trend as this year draws to a close, a trend which started some years ago but is still very popular with increasing numbers of new entrants. Personal development, entrepreneurship and healthy eating blogs are still generating high volumes of web traffic, but recently there have been newer entries into the top blogging categories include back to nature skills and nature topics, blogs particularly focusing on real-life and honest parenting experiences and finally blogs dealing with some deep philosophical questions around the meaning of life. We take a closer look at each of these three key emerging trends.

The first trend relates to a fast-growing interest in learning new skills, but this time with a twist. These are skills which are new to the majority of the audience although in fact they have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, but are now often overlooked or forgotten as they are unneeded in the modern world. A typical example is a video about learning to be a blacksmith.

As a reaction to our ever more technologically-advanced modern world, this trend also extends to blogs on the simpler things in life. A good example of this is a video with an in-depth guide to – wait for it – making mud bricks. Another one for aspiring builders is on the subject of how to make Roman concrete.

Some bloggers take it one step further, filming themselves spending time alone miles away from civilisation surviving in very basic conditions.

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The second key trend for the second half of this year is parenting stories, an area which has seen great growth recently. This is where parents – both mums and dads – share their experiences of parenthood. A key theme is their struggle to live up to the demanding expectations society has of them to be the perfect parent.

These are a type of backlash against the high standards set by earlier bloggers who appear to have had the perfect life packed with fulfillment and happiness. Judging by the viewing statistics, these are very popular, striking a chord with many people.

Examples include a mother’s experiences of not saying no to her children for a week, or another mother trying to be a “Pinterest mom” for a week. These are a new take on an old topic and consist of honest and humorous content underpinned with a serious message.

The final trend emerging is perhaps the most surprising one, dealing with questions of philosophy and even existence itself, providing answers to many deep and meaningful questions about the meaning of life. The topics are tackled in an engaging and easy to understand way so that complicated subjects become easier to understand. Examples of philosophical blog topics include asking whether we are all actually living our lives in a simulation, how much our souls are worth and whether reality is real or not.

These are key questions chewed over by countless humans over the millennia including questions of life, death, the origins of life and even moving onto popular science such as why black holes could delete the universe. 🙂

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