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Top 10 Uber Alternatives to Look Out For

Uber is considered the king of car-hailing apps in the market. Considering the success of Uber, many similar apps have come into the market and some of them are good enough to stand toe to toe with Uber too.

Best Uber Alternatives for Ridesharing

Best Uber Alternatives Around the World

It is not surprising, considering uber-like app development cost. If you are on the lookout for the top Uber alternatives, keep reading.

1] Lyft

Lyft is one of the biggest competitors of Uber with their drivers covering 65 cities in the United States. All the Lyft drivers go through a thorough background check before they are hired to ensure the passengers’ safety. The Lyft app offers three transport options – Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Line.

Lyft Website

Lyft App for Android

Lyft App for iOS

2] Gett

Get is another one of the fastest-growing transport apps in the United States. It was formerly known as Get Taxi. They are making profits by slashing their prices while Uber is putting their prices up.

You can book your ride up to 2 weeks in advance using Gett. The app has currently branched out internationally to cities like London and Moscow.

Gett Website

Gett App for Android

Gett App for iOS

3] Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is a popular Uber alternative catering to users around the world. It operates over 30 countries and 420 cities worldwide. It rose to the top of the market by offering users a smooth booking experience by which the users only have to tap a few options to see the details of the ride.

Easy Taxi Website

Easy Taxi App for Android

Easy Taxi App for iOS

4] Summon

The app Summon rebranded itself after previously being known as InstaCab. The app currently operates out of the Bay area but is planning to expand to other regions soon. You can schedule your ride with the Summon Schedule Ahead feature and you get the 30-minute free cancellation option attached to that too.

Summon Website

5] Flywheel

Flywheel allows you to hire professional drivers and offers reasonable standard rates rather than individual car fares like Uber does during peak time. Fare and tracking are done through Taxi iOS which is the first government-certified software meter. The app was launched in San Francisco where now over 80 percent of the taxi drivers use this software.

Flywheel Taxi Website

Flywheel App for Android

Flywheel App for iOS

6] Curb

Curb, formerly known as Taxi Magic has extended its services beyond on-demand taxi services by offering premium rides in some of its markets. People also love the fact that you don’t have to physically pay the driver if you don’t wish. The app has a fine layout but is not as fast as some of the other similar apps.

Curb taxi Website

Curb App for Android

Curb App for iOS

7] Hailo

Hailo originated in London but has branches now in other European and Asian countries. The business version of this app offers express booking, corporate cards, and different ride choices. The normal and business versions are both available for Android and iOS devices.

Hailo taxi Website

8] Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car has grown into a pan-European community which connects people to rides or allows them to ride themselves. The funny name actually refers to how chatty you wish to be in the car. You can specify the level of chattiness you are with during the journey in your profile.

With over 21 million downloads on both Android and iPhone stores, the app helps people with more than arranging rides. It facilitates the creation of new friendships, saves money and is environment-friendly.

BlaBlaCar Website

BlaBlaCar App for Android

BlaBlaCar App for iOS

9] Drivr

Drivr is another premium car service app available for users on the US west coast. They charge reasonable rates for the quality of services that they offer. If you are a fan of fancy cars and would like to commute every day in style, then Drivr is the app for you.

Drivr Website

DRIVR App for Android

DRIVR App for iOS

10] Kabbee

Kabbee has one of the best advanced booking features out of all the apps mentioned so far which allows you to book 3 to 5 months in advance. As Kabbee has over 10,000 professional and insured drivers, you can always count on them to pick you up whenever, wherever.

Kabbee Website

Kabbee App for Android

Kabbee App for iOS

Final words

These are a few apps that you can use instead of Uber. If you wish to build an app like uber, then you can hire a mobile apps development company which create applications for Android or iOS devices. Hope this article was helpful. 

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