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Fitness Coach In Your Pocket: Top 5 Apps In 2022

Fitness is the top way of leading a happy life. As per the studies, staying fit physically decreases stress and improves your mood and social skills. However, sometimes most of you become demotivated and leave your fitness schedule in the midway.

Well, the ultimate solution for avoiding such circumstances has a fitness app in your pocket, which will remind you of engaging in exercises. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of most popular fitness applications for you.

Best Fitness Apps to Download In 2022

Best Workout Apps to Download

Riseapps company has rich experience in mobile app development, so they helped us to make a list of 5 best fitness applications. These guys know well how to create a fitness app, and they also made a research on the best examples of fitness apps in the industry.

For now, take a look at the exciting fitness apps that are available in the market.


The first and most primary step of fitness is keeping track of your calorie consumption. HealthifyMe is one of those apps that would help you to keep track of your calorie intake.

It requires your honest information concerning your calorie ingestion for performing accurately. The rest of the task of calculating the calorie and nutrition breakdowns are executed by it quite rightly.

  • Popular In – India.
  • Features – Determine calories from foods, fix different workout and meal plans.
HealthifyMe App for Android HealthifyMe App for iOS

J&J 7 minute workout

Another top noted fitness app is the Johnson & Johnson 7 minutes workup. It chiefly encourages you to engage in short term workouts in between your busy work schedule. Besides, the app contains several types of exercise plans, from which you can select your ideal one by giving it a thumbs up.

However, it is essential to mention that the app comes with long-duration workout plans. So, it relies entirely upon you, whether you want to opt for the short guided one or the longer one.

  • Popular In – United States.
  • Features – Fixes short workout plans, provides several workout plans.
J&J 7 Minute Workout App for Android J&J 7 Minute Workout App for iOS

Fit Radio

From its name, you can easily determine that the app allows the users to involve in the workout plans while relishing some cool music. Along with fixing the workout plans, it diligently constructs a playlist that contains songs to motivate you while working out.

The songs of the playlist are chosen in such a way that sustains a rhythmic beat for making the workout plans like running and biking more appealing.

  • Popular In – America.
  • Features – Create a perfect playlist for running and biking.
Fit Radio App for Android Fit Radio App for iOS


Inkin is another great app that helps you to stay fit and healthy. Moreover, for increasing your motivation, this mobile-friendly application allows you to share your fitness data, workout plans with your friends and family.

In fact, you can even choose to create different competitions and challenges to your known users regarding the fitness routine. Moreover, they love to show their achievement to their friends through social media. Inkin simply assists you in doing that.

  • Popular In – Russia.
  • Features – Records fitness data, allows sharing the fitness data, creates challenges.
Inkin App for Android Inkin App for iOS

Fitso app

Workout plans are different in the case of each individual. Some want to lose weight, whereas others want to gain muscles. The Fitso app is for every person who wants to hold the right physic.

The app is an all in one solution that allows you all those attributes that you require for staying fit. It helps in calculating the calorie you intake and offers you free workout plans.

It also helps you in tracking your footsteps accurately. You can also watch yoga videos to practice accordingly in order to improve body posture.

  • Popular In – India.
  • Features – Calorie counter, several workout plans.
Fitso App for Android Fitso App for iOS

If you want to be in good shape, make sure to avail of the fitness, you can even choose to develop your own app with some user-friendly processes.

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