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20+ Wild Animals Name in English with Pictures

Here is a list of 20+ Wild Animals Named with pictures and descriptions.

List of Wild Animals Names in English along with Pictures

Wild Animals Name in English


A crocodile is a carnivorous creature. It spends most of its time in the water. Crocodiles can live on both land and water. Crocodile skin is extremely tough and durable. Crocodiles are four-legged creatures with two eyes and thick tails.

The crocodile’s jaw is extremely powerful. Their jaws contain approximately 24 sharp teeth. Their teeth are turned inwards, making it difficult for prey to flee. A mature crocodile can grow to be 15 to 20 feet long. Their weight can range between 800 and 1200 kg.


A bear is a dangerous animal. Bears are four-legged creatures with two ears, a nose, and a short tail. Bears use their front two legs to grasp objects. They can stand on their hind legs with ease. Bear nails are extremely sharp and powerful.

It is a carnivorous creature. Bears enjoy eating fish and honey. They can climb trees and swim in water with ease. Bears can run at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour.


The chimp is an omnivorous animal. It is the most intelligent animal on the planet. Chimpanzees are thought to be close relatives of humans. It also comes in ape-like species, such as the gorilla, and it lacks a tail.

There are few distinctions between chimps and gorillas. Their body structure and stature are human-like. Chimpanzees are very easy to train. Sign language is understood by chimps. Sign language is used to train them.


The deer is a lovely animal with lovely eyes. Deer have powerful horns. The average lifespan of a deer is 18 to 20 years. They mostly live in groups. The deer’s legs are long and strong, and they run quickly to avoid the hunter. Deer are wild animals. The deer is a herbivorous creature.


The elephant is the world’s largest living creature. It is a highly intelligent and obedient creature. Elephants are four-legged creatures with two small eyes, two large ears, a trunk, and a short tail.

The elephant’s four legs are all very thick and wide. Elephants’ eyes are tiny in comparison to their body size. Elephant ears resemble large feathers. An elephant’s trunk is extremely useful. Elephants use their trunks to drink and eat. An elephant is a gentle creature.


The fox is a wild animal that looks like a dog. It has four legs, two eyes, two upright ears, and a padded tail. A fox’s entire body is covered in hair. Its nails and teeth are extremely sharp, which they use to hunt. It has a strong sense of sight, hearing, and smell.

They can easily hear and see even the most insignificant sounds. The fox is a very intelligent creature, and it is well-known for its intelligence. It is an omnivorous animal that feeds on fruits, vegetables, birds, fish, frogs, insects, and so on. Foxes can also easily climb trees.


The giraffe is a massive herbivore. Giraffes stand between 16 and 19 feet tall. It stands on four legs and has two eyes, two ears, and a short tail. Giraffes have long necks that allow them to eat tree leaves.

Their body is covered in brown spots. A giraffe’s front legs are larger than its back legs. Giraffes have very strong front legs, which they use to flee and attack predators.


A lion is a carnivorous animal known as the king of the jungle. It has a 20-year average lifespan and weighs about 250 kg. A lion’s body is always covered in gray hair. Lions always live in herds of 10-15 animals, and each herd has a leader.

The lion sleeps for approximately 20 hours per day. The majority of the hunting is always done by a lioness who hunts large animals such as zebras and buffalos.


Shark fish is a dangerous sea creature that is entirely carnivorous. It is found in over 360 different species around the world. Sharks have existed since before the dinosaurs. It has existed on Earth for approximately 300 million years. A shark’s body is devoid of all bones. Its body is a cartilage skeleton.


A snake is a type of reptile that crawls. They are not vegetarians and feed on insects, spiders, and other creatures. There are approximately 2,500 snake species found throughout the world. Except for a few cold regions, snakes can be found almost everywhere on the planet.

Snakes can go months without feeding. In its mouth, the snake has two sharp teeth, two eyes, and a thin tail. Snakes consume their food by swallowing it. Some snakes are extremely poisonous.


Tigers can run at speeds ranging from 40 to 65 kilometers per hour, but due to their heavy body, they quickly tire. A tiger’s lifespan is 10 to 15 years, but some tigers live as long as 25 years. In danger, the tiger seeks refuge in the bushes. It prefers to spend most of its time alone in the forest.

The tiger only succeeds in one out of every twenty hunting attempts. Tigers are descendants of cats. The pattern of black stripes found on the tiger’s body is unique to each tiger, allowing them to be identified, much like human fingerprints.


Wolves prefer to live in groups. The wolf is classified as a member of the canine family. Their lifespan is approximately 10 to 12 years. Their weight ranges from 25 to 40 kg. Wolves do not have any natural predators. The wolf has a long skull, powerful jaws, and razor-sharp teeth.

Wolves have a thick coat of fur covering their bodies. The fur of a wolf can be white, black, or gray. Wolves have also been mentioned in numerous legends. Wolves can be found in all types of environments. Forests, deserts, and mountains are their primary habitats.


The wild zebra is a herbivorous animal. Zebras fill their stomachs by eating grass, leaves, and other plant material. The zebra is a horse-shaped animal with four legs, a tail, and two ears.

Because they are predators, they cannot be domesticated. Their entire body is black with white stripes on it. These white stripes aid in hiding from predators. Their average age is around 25.


Woodpeckers are beautiful and fascinating birds. Woodpeckers are distinct from other birds. It has a powerful, pointed beak. This beak is used to extract bark from trees as well as to detect insects for consumption.

It has a long, sticky tongue that it uses to catch insects. Their sharp claws aid them in grasping tree arms. Fruits, insects, nuts, and acorns are among the woodpecker’s favorite foods. These magnificent birds live in dense forest trees.


The owl is a highly intelligent and fast-moving bird. Owl species can be found almost everywhere on the planet. Owls are two-legged creatures with two large and round eyes, two long wings, a hooked beak, and a short tail.

They cannot move their eyes; instead, they rotate their neck, which can rotate up to 180 degrees. During the day, owls sleep and hunt at night. It feeds on insects, lizards, frogs, rats, and small birds, among other things. Owls are always visible in the dark. Owls have superior vision and hearing to other birds.


Suns is the Hindi name for dolphin, a carnivorous mammalian fish. Dolphins can also be found in India’s Ganges River, and they have been designated as the country’s national aquatic animal.

It is an intelligent fish that is well-liked by people due to its cheerful and quick friendship qualities. Suns and dolphins can be found in the seas, with about 36 species discovered in each.


Camels have padded paws that make it easier for them to walk on sand. Camels can travel long distances in deserts with no provision for food or water. After drinking water once, this animal can go for several days without water.

A camel weighing 600 kg can drink 200 liters of water in 3 minutes on average. They are accustomed to traveling in sandy areas because they move quickly.


An eagle is a type of bird. Eagle is the English name for the hawk bird. Hawks eat snakes, frogs, fish, rabbits, rats, small birds, and other animals. The eagle is classified as a carnivorous and predatory bird.

The hawk bird can fly at speeds of up to 320 kilometers per hour. The eagle’s body length ranges from 13 to 23 inches, and its wingspan ranges from 29 to 47 inches.


A frog is an amphibian that lives both on land and in water and feeds on insect moths. The frog jumps from one location to another and has four legs, the last two of which are stronger and larger than the front two.

A frog’s skin is very soft and smooth. Although most frogs are harmless to humans, some are poisonous and can easily kill them. Poison Dart frogs are extremely poisonous, and as a result, they are smuggled on a large scale every year.


The kangaroo is a herbivore. They fill their stomachs by eating grass, leaves, and fruits, among other things. Kangaroos have four legs, with the back two being longer than the front two. They leap with both legs.

Kangaroos have extremely long jumps. A pouch on the stomach of a kangaroo. They conceal their child in this pouch and feed it milk. Kangaroos are found primarily in Australia.


The leopard is a wild carnivore. Leopards are large, powerful members of the cat family. Leopard is characterized by four legs, two bright eyes, two ears, and a long tail. The leopard’s body is a dark yellow color.

They have numerous black spots on their bodies. These black spots aid them in hunting by allowing them to hide. Leopards hunt with their strong jaws, sharp nails, and quick speed. Leopards can also easily climb trees.


Pandas are vegetarians in the wild. It feeds on grasses and leaves to fill its stomach. Scientists believe that pandas’ ancestors were carnivores who hunted fish, rabbits, and other prey.

A panda is a four-legged creature with two eyes, two ears, and a short tail. Panda’s body is covered in thick hair that acts as a thick sheet. This thick layer is known as fur, and it protects the panda from the cold.

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