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Add A New Dimension to Your Personal Space With These Accent Wall Hues

Neutral colours in rooms may feel shabby. But did you know muted shades look perfect when you combine them with accent walls?

Simply put, an accent wall draws attention to one part of your room that otherwise gets overlooked. Moreover, it offers a decorative flair to the house’s décor. Are you already convinced to invest in these walls? Try out the following hues to add a dimension to your space.

New Dimension to Your Personal Space

A Black Wall to Improve Your Culinary Features

A modern kitchen is incomplete without a dynamic accent wall. If you want to add a personalised appeal to the space, why don’t you try out a bold appeal? Elevate its architectural elements by painting a black wall in contrast to the neutral hue.

How about a black wall that exaggerates the artistic components of your kitchen? Don’t forget that your kitchen is your house’s heart. So, if you love black, it’s time to bring out the true essence of this space.

Red that Brings Spiritual Power to Your Prayer Room

Red is an energetic shade that brightens up the entire area. A red accent wall brings an enticing appeal to your kitchen. But it’s alright if you don’t want to paint your kitchen red.

Alternatively, you can always select this hue for your prayer room – isn’t it? If you believe in Vastu, you already know that red is an auspicious colour mainly associated with strength.

Go All Blue and Enhance the Beauty of Your Living Area

Thinking that an accent wall is all the right hue is a mistake. If you are about to call an interior designing team, it’s time to think out of the box. Envision beyond the solid hues and explore different types of wall designs.

If you paint the bookshelf blue, make sure the colour blends perfectly with the design. You can also paint a portion of the wall around your window to highlight the feature.

Grey that Sets the Mood in Your Dining Area

Be it a romantic date night at home or an evening chit-chat session over a snack break, you need a perfect atmosphere in your dining area. And to add warmth to your space, it’s time to go bold with the design. A grey wall with brown undertones can uplift the mood.

You may think grey is a bland colour. But it gives you an unconventional artistic route to help you incorporate a statement look into your dining room.

Add Life to Your Bedroom with a Green Accent Wall

Green symbolises calmness, and mint green is a trendy hue most homeowners love in today’s generation. So, how about transforming your monotonous bedroom design? No matter how hectic the day, your bedroom is a safe haven. Here’s where you crash after a tiring day. To make it a happy space, you must modify its aesthetic elements. Start by painting a green wall.

Summing up

Want to add a touch of perfection to these walls? Select the right painting service provider who can guide you with the best designs.

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