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Top 7 Nintendo 3DS Emulator For PC and Android

The Nintendo 3DS is a game that can be transported. Like one can understand from the name, it has been conceptualized by Nintendo and those who have used the products of this company will know that it can display stereoscopic 3D effects while not utilizing the 3D glasses or any extra accessories.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android, iOS & PC

Nintendo revealed about this device in March 2010 and formally launched it on E3 2010 in June 2010. The console succeeds the Nintendo DS, that includes backward compatibility with older Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi video games. PlayStation Vita from Sony is believed to be its chief competitor.

With StreetPass and SpotPass, it offers some new features and specifications powered by Nintendo Network; increased reality, victimization its 3D cameras and Virtual Console, that permits you to transfer and play games originally free on older computer game systems. I

t’s conjointly pre-loaded with varied applications such as an internet distribution store referred to as Nintendo eShop, a social networking service referred to as Miiverse, an online Browser; the Netflix, Hulu and YouTube streaming video services; Nintendo Video; an electronic messaging application referred to as Swapnote and Mii Maker.

All About Nintendo

The Nintendo 3DS was initially launched in Japan in January 2011, and then worldwide in March 2011. But within six months, amid dis-satisfactory launch sales, Nintendo declared a notable step-down from US$249 to US$169 in July 2011. Nintendo proclaimed a big step-down from US$249 to US$169.

They gave 10 free Nintendo recreation System games and 10 free Game Boy Advance games from the Nintendo eShop. This was given to customers who bought the system at the first launch value.

This strategy brought a significant success, and also the console has gone on to become one in every of Nintendo’s successful sold-out consoles within the initial 2 years of its launch. As for June 2016, the Nintendo 3DS family of systems notably sold-out 57.79 million units.

Nintendo started its experiments with stereoscopic 3D game technology within the Eighties. Nintendo’s initial product that enabled stereoscopic 3D effects was a big hit too. However, only a few titles were launched, Nintendo helped style one-called Famicom automobile race II: 3D Hot Rally.

Despite the restricted success, Nintendo would press ahead with 3D development into the 1990s. Gunpei Yokoi, the creator of the sports Boy hand-held device and widespread Metroid game, developed a brand new 3D device for Nintendo known as the Virtual Boy.

And since then they have released various models.

7 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC & Android

If you want to play Nintendo 3d games but you don’t have a Nintendo gaming console then here we are to help you out! Yes, you can play Nintendo 3d games without Nintendo gaming console on your PC and Android.

But finding a best 3D emulator for you can be a tough task because there are various emulators available in the market and choosing the most reliable one is a bit tough. Most of them are reported for not working properly but you don’t have to worry because we are here to lessen your burden with a list of 7 best working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC & Android.

Citra 3Ds Emulator

Citra - Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Whether you want to play on PC, Mac, Android or any other operating system. Citra 3Ds is believed to be the easiest and tech-friendly Emulator. It is completely free from bugs and technically very stable. It is an open source Program. But you must have a 64-bit device to operate it easily. It also needs a minimum OpenGL 3.3 version or above.

Citra - Nintendo 3DS Emulator


NoGBA Best DS Emulator for NDS Roms

And this one is believed to be the best Nintendo 3ds emulator for a Personal Computer, it’s software is perfect for your device.

Initially, you can get this emulator as free but if you want to keep it updated with the latest version then you will have to pay for it. You will be amazed to know that this software works extraordinarily and is flawless in OS of Windows XP and Vista



It is one of the most popular 3ds emulators, if you are willing to play on your PC then iDeaS is the best emulator we would advise for. The commercial games like  Super Mario and Pokemon Diamond work flawlessly on this emulator. It has some amazing and new features. iDeas also support the dual screen processing.

iDeaS - NDS Emulator for Windows

NDS Emulator

NDS Emulator - For Android 6

Well! it is also believed to be an amazing emulator for Android. You can download this emulator for free but if you want to keep an updated version then you will have to buy it from the play store.

The advanced features of NDS emulator make it best, it has features as you can easily access to all types of DS games, it also supports the maximum type of Android operating system, customized buttons and so on. It has various smart options as well such as quicksave, autosave, quick load etc.

NDS Emulator - For Android 6


The another best Nintendo 3ds emulator on the list is NeonDS emulator, it is mainly meant for personal computers. You can easily download and access it from their official website. Unlike NO$GBA, NeonDS works on all versions of windows and you can easily play all DS games.

NeonDS - NintendoDS emulator


Retroarch emulator

If you are an Android user, then RetroArch is made for you and I would advise you to download it immediately. It would not be wrong if I say that it is a must-have Nintendo 3ds emulator for an Android operating system.

This is a free software that helps you in playing your favorite DS games and has some really advanced features that make it best. The features are smart yet user-friendly. It supports all types of games and gives you an access to much more.


R4 3DS Emulator

R4 3DS Emulator

It is a critical emulator 3DS games. On R4 3DS Emulator, you can easily play large titles without the console. In R4 3DS Emulator, you will be able to continue the game with several different titles for Nintendo 3DS. It also gives you an option to edit controls on the keyboard.

R4 3DS Emulator

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