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Decoding Google Search Operators For Webmasters

We’ve all heard of Google search operators, but how often do we use it? Use of Google search operators could mean the difference between working hard and working smart. And a good webmaster knows that smart work always leads to great results. Once you go through the infographic I’ve given below, you’ll surely make it a point of reference, perhaps bookmark it – smart work again! Here are a few snippets of what you’ll find in the infographic.

Google Search Operators For Webmasters

Decoding Google Search Operators

Decoding Google Search Operators

Find People using Specific Hashtags

Almost all social media pages today entertain hashtags. It is a trend among social media savvy people to use them to express their views about a particular subject, product or event. It also makes targeting people easy so that you can build your social media circle which can come handy to promote something. For instance, try #fifa in Google and you will find links to people using this hashtag. If you’re an eCommerce company selling soccer memorabilia, you’ve just found yourself a huge list of potential buyers.

Wildcard Search on Google

Did you know that you can get Google to fill in the blanks? It’s sometimes vital to find the information that you aren’t really sure about. You can use the * (asterisk) symbol for wild card searches on Google. Let me explain its use with an example, try: “Google * update is live on * April 2015.” Use quotes here for efficacy and your result will read as Google mobileeggdon update is live on 21st April 2015 or similar words that can fall under * (asterisk). Google always digs up hard to fit the best answer possible.

Find exact match results

You might know that Google provides broad results on SERP i.e. if you are looking for mobile app marketing, then it will show results that have mobile or app or marketing somewhere in the content and not necessarily that all three words are present in the content altogether. So to get exact match results like you want set of pages which have mobile app marketing altogether (not even spread in the content) but the exact same phrase, then put the Cyprus under “” (double quotes) and hit enter.

Advanced Search Operators for SEO Link Building

Find a Number Range

There are those times when you need to find a particular product within a price range. Use of .. (two dots) can do the trick for you. Again, I’ll explain this with an example. Let’s say that you want to purchase a camera that costs between $50 to $100, just type: camera $50..$100 and check out the search results. All cameras that come in this price range will be in the results. You can also use this search operator for any other number range.

I’m sure you’ve been impressed by these Google search operators already. In the infographic, I’ve gone on to explain how you can use these operators to find promotional and link-building activities. Don’t forget to bookmark and sharing infographic. If you have suggestions or doubts, just leave me a message in the comment box. I love helping fellow webmasters like you!

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