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Golf holidays in France are most Famous, Especially with Journey from the UK. France is one of our best-selling golf breaks spot. France is the most famous place for golf holidays. France has its style and viva arts. It is also used for the golfer and non-golfer.

On top of that, France has a nice culture, art, and good wines, fun, and age. And scene, the perfect place on your next golf tour. There are some popular golf resorts in North France, many of which are also used on union tours.

Golf Holidays in France

Race 18-hole course, as well asa lighter academy 9-hole course. The towns of Arras and Lille have a kind of courses visible by car on your golf tri.

Where to play golf in France?

France has a set of aims involving great links courses to grow parks.  There are a host of good golf courses to find across the many good areas of France. The most famous golfing region is also based in Northern France.  It could be very at home in the likes of Suri or Hills.

Best Trip for a Golf Trip to France

Northern France

The ease of access to Northern France by Eurotunnel has a go-to spot for those looking for a holiday getaway. Within an hour’s drive from Calais, you have the grade golfing place of Le Touquet and Hardelot. It supplies outstanding golf courses as well as good beaches and a snappy city.

Top golf courses 

  • Le Touquet (Le Mar).
  • Hardelot (Le pins).
  • Golf de belle dune.
  • Aa Saint-omer Golf club.
  • Le Golf d’Arras.


For the Trip golfer, Normandy has much to offer. Teem along the beaches are perfect cliff-top courses at maha sea and Entreat. The region attracts flocks of travel thanks to its past island.  At the place of the D-Day flight; be sure to also take in the army roads and the past sites.

Top golf courses & golf resorts

  • Hotel Barrière L’Hotel du Golf Deauville.
  • Golf Club de Granville.
  • Golf d’Etretat.
  • Omaha Beach Golf Club.
  • Golf du Champ de Bataille.
  • Golf Hotel de Saint-Sean.

Highlights in France Golf Holidays


The dubbed ‘City of Light’ is a global hub for art, fashion, and gastronomy. It’s a cultural hotpot full to the brim with unique traits. The Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumphed scratch the surface, it is like France holidays.

The Louvre is a top-shaped museum holding everything from gems. Such as the Mona Lisa to Egyptian mummies which bring out your inner history aficionado. France is world-famous for its dish, so foodies will be right at home in Paris.


Listed as a UNESCO World arts Site; Lyon is set at the cross of the Rhone and Saone rivers. Its old quarter is successful up of colorful buildings of Gothic, Italian, and French.Progress styles and gift tour with an affair into age’s parts.

When walking through west Lyon, you’ll always be able to see the Fourviere Basilica. It towers over the city from Fourviere Hill and is bright.

From here, enjoy a traffic view of the city and an insight into Lyon’s more nice side.You can find the old house of Fourviere on the left bank of the Saone River.

It was set around 2,000 years ago to hold around 10,000 viewers. Only certain parts of the theatre stay intact. These days, every June and July, the memorial hosts the Nuits de Fourviere drama fun.


Like Lyon, central wine is a World Heritage Site. It’s also – like Lyon – a noted global great, but for wine. The city center and the Golden pattern, a vibrant district made up of three boulevards Course.

Here you’ll find center shops, bars, and hotels to give you a taste of Bordeaux’s more rich side. Watch the river Garonne flow by while enjoying a produced glass of vino.

You’ll find fruitful vinery outside of Wine, and set wine arts within. Only a tail of them is from France, though, with the other 600 or so from rather. Omit art; a visit to the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art will keep you occupied for hours. It’s set in a former warehouse, with keys to static and guest fairs.

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