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iOS Development Would Have Boom Time Soon

Apple is known for its commitment, which it makes to its users. This is the reason many customers patronize different products of Apple. The company conducts meticulous research before introducing a product in the market. Apple may not have scores of products, but the ones which it has clearly defined clarity and mass acceptance.

iOS Development Would Have Boom

iOS Development

iOS Development

What Symbolizes Apple?

Many people are curious to know what force drives Apple. It is the iOS. iOS what is it? It is the mobile operating system that powers Apple’s handheld devices like iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. The operating system supports input through direct manipulation. iOS responds to various gestures of users, like swiping, tapping, pinching, etc. So much is has been hyped about iOS. Many people including developers are concerned about the future of iOS development.

iOS would Mark Development of New Layout System

During past years, the designing user interface of iOS applications was an easy task for developers. Previously, one size was available for tablet and phone. However, with the launch of iPhone 5, some modifications are required for designing the user interface of iOS apps.

After analyzing the satisfaction level of users, Apple launched iPhone 6, iPad Pro and iPhone 6 Plus by adding more facilities. With those launches, it is not possible to have the same layout anymore. Apple identified the problem and started researching on the auto layout and size classes.

Auto layout and size classes are two powerful tools that can fulfill all kinds of layout requirements. The usage of these tools is difficult to learn. Therefore, Apple has introduced StackViews that has resemblance with LinearLayout in Android development. Some experts believe that Apple would introduce a new layout system, which would be powerful as well as easy to learn.

Swift Would Support iOS Development

The development of Swift language is very interesting. Apple developed this programming language a few years back. Currently, many developers have adopted this language for fulfilling the iOS development task.

iOS development service providers like Bay Computing use Swift to program iOS apps. The results of development activities are satisfactory.

Swift Programming Language

Swift Programming

Some developers prefer to use Objective-C. Currently, Apple supports Objective-C and Swift. However, Apple would not be supporting both languages for a long time. Some experts believe that Swift would be used in future.

iOS would grow significantly

iPad Pro has been introduced by Apple some time back. The launch of this device would dramatically change the development of iOS. The development of applications would not change as such. However, developers would get more scope to develop other kinds of applications.

Many powerful apps are available for iPad. However, it was not feasible to develop applications, which have the power of replacing desktop applications as the size of the screen is very small. iPad Pro has a screen that is big to display the utilities of desktop applications like Adobe Photoshop.

Apple TV hit the market recently. The introduction of this new device is crucial for the development of iOS. Apple has conducted many types of research for the development of Apple TV. However, with the launch of this product, there has been a change in SDK.

Some market research experts have confirmed that the SDK of Apple TV is powerful. Experts have pointed out that the SDK of Apple TV has similarity with SDK of iOS. The major difference that separates Apple TV and iOS is that the SDK of the former is not equipped with web view. However, users can easily install iOS applications on Apple TV.

iOS would grow significantly in future. The demand for Apple TV would rise in future. In order to get the finest works, designers would switch over to iPad Pro from a laptop. It shows that iOS developers would have boom time with overflowing orders.

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