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Top Tips From the Experts When It Comes to Choosing the Perfect Fonts for Your Website

If you think that choosing the right fonts is easy, think again. Although the font you use may pale in significance to the content and images and graphics you choose, it still plays a role in your website’s ultimate success. In fact, expert designers pay a lot of attention to the fonts they choose, simply because they know how useful and effective fonts can truly be.

Choosing the Perfect Fonts for Your Website

The impact of the proper fonts can be tremendous, and you should never underestimate their power to attract – and retain – your visitors. Here are some top tips from the experts when it comes to choosing the perfect fonts for your website.

Your choices: serif, sans serif, script, modern

You have several main choices in regard to fonts, and each of these choices has different associations. What you want is for visitors to be comfortable when they are at your site and being comfortable includes being able to easily read what you have to say. Let’s have a look at the different types of fonts and their significance.

1) Serif

Serif fonts such as Times New Roman, Baskerville, and Georgia Italic often signify tradition, and they are seen as respectable, reliable, and comfortable. That’s why serif is perhaps the most famous font type in the world, heavily used by leading brands. If your business has more of a traditional front and you would like to be seen as respectable and reliable, then serif fonts are your best bet.

2) Sans serif

Sans serif

Sans serif fonts give the impression of stability and objectiveness, and they also stand for organisation and modernity. A sans serif font such as Helvetica Bold is an obvious sign of stability, and Franklin Gothic exudes a more objective appeal – perfect for websites by charity organisations and so on.

3) Script

If you would like to come across as elegant, creative, and even affectionate, then script fonts can be just the answer you need, as confirmed by professionals from It’seeze web design in Bristol. A script font such as Bickham Script is ideal for cafes and fine dining establishments as well as hotels, as it gives the impression of luxury and true comfort.

Be careful when choosing script, however – make sure to combine it with more ‘stable’ fonts so you don’t easily tire the eyes of your visitors.

4) Modern

Another type of font which has recently emerged is the modern font, and this gives the feeling of power and strength and progressiveness, as well as stylishness. If you are looking to impress and give forth a strong image, you can’t go wrong with Futura and Century Gothic.

The fonts you choose won’t exactly make or break your website, but they do go a long way in visitor interest and retention, so be mindful of each and choose with care.

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