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Why Are CLT Panels So Popular?

Cross-laminated timber panels are a modern material for building that opens up new possibilities in solid wood housing construction. This is a relatively inexpensive option, which has recently been increasingly used in construction, and the demand for it on https://clt-rezult.com/en/clt-panel/clt-paneli/ is constantly growing.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

The basics

CLT is a massive, multi-layer glued building wood material. Panels usually consist of several layers, the number of which depends on the purpose of these panels. Thanks to high-pressure gluing in a press, the swelling and shrinkage characteristics are reduced to a negligible minimum.

Before now, high timber constructions were impossible to create due both to the existing methods and materials. However, nowadays with CLT, mid-rise buildings have become a reality. These panels are semi-finished, so the process of their construction is really fast, it does not produce a lot of waste and the cost-efficiency is great.

As a highly versatile material, CLT panels are utilized for different construction elements and can be easily combined with a wide range of other materials.

Features of these panels

The next characteristics are important and contribute to the popularity of CLT.

  • High fire resistance.
  • The risk of shrinkage of boards is excluded, and besides, additional heat and sound insulation are not required for such houses.
  • The thermal insulation properties are 3–5 times higher than those of brick or concrete walls.
  • The process of building is safer since most of the work is done by the manufacturer.
  • The construction needs not so many workers. To assemble the panels, only carpentry skills and knowledge of power tools are required.
  • The seismic resistance of glued wooden structures allows them to withstand even earthquakes.

Finally, yet importantly is the environmental friendliness of this material that is observed in the course of production and utilization. Therefore, this popular option deserves its reputation.

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