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000WebHost.Com: Should You Choose It Or Not?

When you find yourself out in the world of websites and pages and you wish to make one of your own, then what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? Well, we think that it is the hosting service which the most important deal here.

There are so many options available for free web hosting WordPress services but selecting the one that is the best for you is the challenge in here. For your website’s sake, you have to make a choice that not only gets you impressive services but also helps you with the needs and the goals of your business.

A Detailed Review Of 000WebHost


Today, we are going to review on such service provider in here which is known as one of the top players in the hosting free services world, 000webhost.com. As we all are aware of the fact, 000webhost provider is a free WordPress hosting site that provides the users with cheap and easy ways of web hosting.

All of that and much more with absolutely no charge. Yes, fellow users, you heard absolutely right. The website hosting services provided here are absolutely free of cost. While you might think that this particular site is going to turn out just like the rest of the other free hosting services, you are in for a surprise as it is clearly one of the best ones here.

The Amazing features At A Glance

Just like the other competitors in the market, this particular WordPress web hosting service is loaded with many interesting features that are set for the free accounts as well as the paid premium accounts. The free plan is absolutely wonderful for someone who wants to start a small start-up.

With the free plan, you will be getting a bandwidth of 10 GB and also a 100 MB free disk space. This allows the users to host double websites and the cPanel support is just the cherry on the cake. Along with that, the free email hosting services provided by 000webhost are truly appraisable.

Features of 000Webhost.com

To describe the features, in a nutshell, we could say that 000webhost is equipped with:

  • Easy options for website building and domain hosting options that are free.
  • cPanel support along with support forum as well.
  • 99% uptime guarantee.
  • PHP and MySQL support along with the cPanel.
  • Zero ads, no popups and unwanted images.
  • 10,000 MB bandwidth and 1 GB disk space.
  • Website installer that can be set up with a single click.
  • Free site builder.

Free site builder

Why Should You Choose 000webhost?

There are many advantages associated with this WordPress hosting service provider which makes it an ideal option. How about we have a look at that?

  • Pricing: The premium plan of 000webhost is a cheap solution for those who want paid accounts. These plans are offered to the users in web development and much more. There are other additional factors such as live chat, support forums and much more with such little price.

000webhost Pricing Details

  • Impressive Bandwidth/ Disk Space: Well, this is another advantage that the service provider has. With a whopping 10GB bandwidth, there is no other competition nearby and that is just the free plan.
  • Automatic Backups: Digital data should always have a backup. That is the basic rule of the thumb and 000webhost host follows it with everything. The data gets its backup with just a simple click.
  • cPanel: The cPanel support option in 000webhost is something that is the best when compared to the others in the market. You will be able to access anything.
  • Ad Support: When it comes to the free hosting WordPress service providers, they always have innumerable ads and popups to ruin it for the users. 000webhost is equipped with ad support. So no more interrupting ads.
  • Email Support: No one knows the importance of having an email ID in today’s world than the online web developers and builders. Well, this particular service provider will give you the best of the email accounts with an addition to the email support and that too for free.
  • PHP/MySQL Support: Claims of full support of PHP are often failed to be fulfilled by most of the free hosting service providers. Well, worry not when you have 000webhost as your hosting service provider as it provides the users with the ability to run MySQL and PHP accounts efficiently.
  • Impressive Customer Service: The customer service at 000webhost.com is phenomenal, to be honest. This is one of the main reasons why this service provider is the favorite of many internet users. As soon as you make a query, the team will be there to provide useful assistance and guidance.

Why Should You Not Choose 00webhost?

While the Internet is filled to the brim with positive comments and opinions about the 000webhost.com service, there are some users who are disappointed as well.

Well, why not? This service provider, like many others, has some flaws as well. That is what makes it real. Let’s have a look at some of the problems that come with the hosting service provider.

  • Removal Of Websites Without Any Notice: Well, there are have been several complaints that the accounts of some users were removed without even a prior notice. This can be a difficulty when it comes to the management of multiple accounts.
  • CPU Usage: Some of the sites that have got low traffic often find it very difficult to cope with the CPU usage issues which often tend to reach the limit even after less traffic on the website. However, the limit gets automatically reset after 24 hours so that’s a relief.
  • Security Issues: There were some issues related to the security of the 000webhost.com page. However, those situations have been dealt with immediate effect and now this service provider remains safe from any threats.

To Conclude

After careful observation of the benefits and the flaws of the service provider for WordPress hosting, it can be said that the pros ultimately weigh out the cons of the service and this is the reason why 000webhost is a must-try for people.

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