What Are MOLLE Accessories?

MOLLE is an abbreviation for Flexible Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, which sounds like that pretty redhead from detention.

Simply described, MOLLE refers to gear that is stacked with columns and rows of webbing to allow it to be customized for specialized and variable functions. The equipment can be completely customized to fit a specific task or situation.

What is MOLLE, Who Uses It and How Does MOLLE Work?

What Are MOLLE Accessories

Whether you’re a soldier on a 72-hour operation or a recreational hiker looking for a knife to have on hand in case of an emergency, MOLLE is on your side. The United States military, as well as other NATO armed forces, police departments, firefighters, and, increasingly, explorers, employ MOLLE.

Ballistic bags, military backpacks, protective clothing, and vests all feature MOLLE webbing. Other things have included it as well, though I’m not sure why anyone would require a tactical tie.


The name PALS is likely to come up while researching at MOLLE compatible products. MOLLE was built on the foundation of PALS, which stands for Pouch Connection Ladder System.

PALS refers to the web grid that allows smaller items like pouches, straps, knife sheaths, and other items to be attached to larger MOLLE forms. PALS is the mechanism that distinguishes MOLLE, and the two terms are frequently used interchangeably.


The larger equipment’s webbing is intertwined with the attachment’s and fixed in place. Because the MOLLE connections are not removed easily until the user chooses that physically change the shape of the equipment, the kevlar, heavy-duty webbing avoids loss. MOLLE is known for its endless customising options.

MOLLE will be utilized on vests, belts, and a number of many other clothing items in addition to backpacks. Shotgun shell holder is largely utilised by American & British military forces, but it is also employed by NATO forces and other countries.


MOLLE was first introduced in 1997, replacing an earlier and more powerful ALICE system. ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) employed fewer rows of webbing, increasing pressure points and limiting weight distribution, which is a key benefit of MOLLE.


The IFAK and Admin Pouch are two MOLLE compatible accessories that may be mounted using MOLLE straps by following these steps:

Place the fastener-end into the first of the Pistol holster straps where the goods will be attached.

Back through first inserting loop on the attachment with one end of the accessory.

Pass the accessory’s end through another MOLLE strap, then back through to the accessory’s loop.

Rep until the MOLLE connection strap reaches the end, then secure the fastening. If there are numerous straps, alternate weaving them for a consistent look.

Some non-compatible objects can be be attached using clips or rings provided in a MOLLE attachments kit alongside the MOLLE connector straps.


MOLLE’s multifunctionality and specialization changed outdoor and mission gear. For the past 10 years, MOLLE has proved indispensable to troops, government employees, and explorers, and it continues to do so today.

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