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11 Best Tools Every Content Creator Should Have

As the saying goes, “Content is King“. People and businesses are now leveraging on digital advancements to reach out to their audience. It’s more about making meaningful and engaging content rather than the usual hard-sell and buy-now strategies. Content creation is about connecting and influencing your target audience.

Top Content Creation Tools for Freelancers

Best Digital Content creation Tools

Indeed, it sounds fun but is fully equipped to deliver striking content? Look no further because we got 10 best tools every content creator should have to bring the best out of their content.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

The hardest part for content creators is the first step and that’s thinking of the content to create. It can be brain-draining pouring hours on thinking of possible ideas to create content but with the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator, it does the work for you. All you have to do is enter 3 nouns and voila! The tool generates 5 possible topics for your content, thus saving you time and energy.


What’s great about this tool is that it corrects and improves the text in your content by thoroughly checking your grammar, sentence structure, use of words and many more. Another great thing about it is that it’s FREE.

This tool can even help you in setting up how you want the tone of your content to sound like and the goals you want to achieve with your content when audiences read through it.

The only drawback is that the tool can only analyze up to 1000 words per checking so it’s best to do a word count first to see if it went over or under the required number of words.


It can be hard to find HD-quality stock images that are not price-tagged on the internet. You won’t have a hard time anymore with that problem because Unsplash provides high-quality photos, for FREE, taken by their talented pool of photographers.

If you don’t have the time to check out their stocks on your computer, you can conveniently download the app on your mobile.


If you’re thinking of posting content on web-based platforms then Canva is a big help in customizing graphs, layouts and presentation slides. This tool is super user-friendly with its drag-and-design function that makes designing fun and simple.

You can even choose from their array of professional-looking templates, icons, frames and other design materials making it the ultimate resource in creating eye-catching visual content.


Wanting to edit videos like a pro but you’re always on the go? VideoShop can be downloaded on your mobile so you can edit your videos anywhere at your convenience. The interface makes it easy to use because you can just line-up multiple clips on the timeline and edit right there.

With so many features like color adjustments, transitions, slo-mo, reverse and tilt-shift, it’s as if your videos were edited by a professional video editor.


Not only is content creation about texts, but it’s also about the devil of a job with visuals. Crello is a top-notch online design tool that can help here.

Even with no design skills, content creators craft unique visual elements for social media, blog posts, marketing pages, ads, and print materials in Crello’s intuitive drag and drop editor. It gives access to thousands of trendy, professionally-looking templates for 50+ content formats and dozens of instruments for their customization. Videos and animations are also available for creation in this web-based software.

And last but not least, Crello’s features are free to use.


Need a quick video edit for a business or presentation? Animoto is the best tool for the job. You’ll get polished videos that look as if it edited seamlessly.

Although it’s more suited for the use of entrepreneurs and marketers who want to make creative content because of some lacking features that creatives would look for, the tool makes it simple for technically-challenged content creators. A subscription is required to avail of this tool but it’s an investment worth subscribing to.

For content creators who want to create informative content that requires a lot of data, it would work best for your audience if you’re infographic is not only rich in data but also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. This tool is best for content creators who have limited or no-design skills whatsoever.

Don’t feel ashamed because with, you’ll feel like a professional with the vast supply of professional-looking templates, images, fonts, and graphic icons that will help you create compelling content.

BeFunky – Photo Editor

This multi-functional tool is not only a photo editor and a collage editor but it’s also a graphic editor that’s free for use. This is the best tool for beginners who have no Photoshop experience.

You can edit your images using the modification tools such as crop, resize, color and exposure adjustments, but that’s not all. You can even add colorful and funky illustrations and stickers on your images to make your content stand-out.


Why download GIFs off the internet when you can make your own? This camera app which you can download on your mobile phone is specially made for making GIFs. Cool, right?

You can even edit your images and videos by adding filters and stickers or adding transitions like slo-mo and timelapse with just a tap. With the pro-version of the app, you won’t have to see pop-up ads and watermarks on your GIFs.

Socialbakers Listening

It’s important to plan out when you want to publish your content and to keep track of your content’s progress once it’s out. With this tool, you’ll be able to organize and schedule your postings without a fuss.

You can even check out the statistics of your content whether it’s getting enough engagement as you’d want it to achieve. The tool may come with a price tag but it’s surely worth it because it will really help you keep track of how your social media is performing.

As a content creator, it’s important to know what tools work best for the type of content you want to produce. With these best tools in hand, you’ll be ready to show the world your amazing content creations.

It’s all about continuously honing your craft so you just gotta keep creating every day and who knows, your content will not only inform and entertain audiences but probably influence and change people’s lives. So what are you waiting for? Get out and get creative.

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