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10 Best Sites To Create Cartoon Character of Yourself

Create your own avatar or cartoon character of yourself. Do you still remember of your childhood that how crazy were you for watching cartoons. Imagine what if you would be a cartoon, how would you feel and look? Want to have some fun like creating cartoon character of yourself if yes then you can find some good sites below which would help you make your own cartoon character easily without much efforts.

Make Your Own Cartoon Character Online

Make your own cartoon character

Create your own cartoon character

Create your own anime character

There are many website available which allows you to make cartoon characters of yourself but you don’t which website is good and help you find the right website for your needs below are cool sites to make your own anime character.


WeeWorld is not a website which is only focused on creating cartoon characters. It is actually a online game portal where you can create your avatar which you can save as image file on your computer which would look like your cartoon if you have made it in the same way you’re.


GoAnimate is a big player in creating cartoon characters. This online website helps you to create your cartoon character as well as you can make some graphical videos using your cartoon character in the website. This website is a paid but gives you 14 days trial to test the site and understand how it works. You can also create your business videos using it but before accessing to that feature you need to purchase their membership which cost $39/month.


Cartoonize, as the name says it all. Cartoonize is a app which allows you to create cartoon character of yourself by uploading your image and then creating cartoon of it with more than 100 effects at a time to make your cartoon look like real. There are two variants of this software one is Cartoonize which costs you $19.9 on the other hand Cartoonize premium costs around $29.9.


BeFunky is one of the best image editor online. Being a good image editor it has some effects which help you to cartoonize your image by uploading your photo on their server from your HDD, dropbox, drive, etc. Their are some premium features of the app which you can get for just $25/year.


SP-Studio is yet another website for creating cartoon character online. This website is totally free and even their are no ads on the site but the owner of the site asks for donation which can be done via paypal or by sending him some gift from his wishlist. This website provides you more than 100 effects to edit your image.

create your own character

Create your own anime character


Cartoon Photo is a amazing website. It allows their users to upload images which they can convert in cartoons within few minutes. You can also make your cartoon move using the features present in the editor. To be frank you must check the site once and you will definitely love it.

iPiccy Photo Editor

iPiccy Photo Editor is also a good website for editing images online. Actually this is a image editor with more than 100 effects and one of them is cartoonize which helps you to cartoonize your image for free.

Moron Face

Moron Face is a image editor which helps to convert your images into exactly a cartoon character. All you need to do is upload a pic of yourself on the site and wait untill your image is processed into a cartoon character. When at first you open the site it will show you some already processed image for your better understandings.


You can call meez as a online community of people who love to create characters of themselves. There are around 13 millions of users to the site out of which 90% are from U.S. This site allows you to create exact cartoon of yourself which works like a avatar to the website and which can be downloaded for free.


Messdudes does not looks good but still you can create some avatars here which you can use on some forums or other website connected with it. To create cartoon of yourself you need to start with a doll and select your gender and continue to make your avatar.


Above we have shared Top 10 websites to create your own cartoon character. If you are facing any issues with any of the sites listed above then kindly comment below and we would get back to you within 48 hours. Don’t forget to share the post because sharing is caring.

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