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Envelope Budgeting Technique: Boost Your Savings

What is the Envelope System for Saving Money.

A common envelope budgeting system is to assign a certain amount of money per month for each category of expenditure. That way, each month, you will have the funds you need to cover each of your expenses. For example, if you have $100 per month for food, $100 per month for transportation, and $100 per month for utilities, you’ll know each month exactly how much you can spend on those things.

If you notice you’re spending more than you’re budgeting for a certain category, you can make adjustments in future months. If you notice you’re not spending as much as you budgeted for a certain category, you can apply the extra funds to a different category.

Envelope System for Saving Money

How Does the Envelope System Help with Budgeting

Any good budget should include a breakdown of how much you’ll need to spend each month on different expenses. But once you’ve created your budget, how do you make sure you stick to it? Envelopes are a handy way to make sure you stay on track. You’ll be less likely to stray from your budget if you’re dealing with a tangible item, like a cash envelope, than if you’re simply looking at a number on a spreadsheet.

Envelopes can also help you out in a pinch. If you find yourself suddenly needing to make an unexpected purchase, it’s much easier to put it off if you’re dealing with cash in an envelope rather than a credit card balance. At the same time, you can manage credit card debt using a budgeting planner.

Pros and Cons of Envelope Budgeting


  • This method of budgeting has been around for a long time, making it one of the most tried-and-true strategies for saving money. It’s also easy to use, with no additional software or apps required.
  • It’s a visual budget, which can help you stay motivated and on track when money is tight.
  • It’s flexible enough to accommodate different family and financial situations.


  • Tracking your budget may get tedious if you’re using physical cash.
  • It’s easy to get off track if you don’t have a visual reminder of your budget.


The best way to save money is to be aware of your spending and to spend deliberately. The envelope system helps you do both. It makes you aware of how much you’re spending and where you’re spending it, and it makes sure you only spend what you budgeted for. You can use the envelope system for any type of budget, and you don’t have to stick with cash.

You can use whatever method works for you, whether that’s a debit card, a spreadsheet, or budget app that sync with bank accounts. No matter what method you use, the most important thing is to stay on top of your spending and make thoughtful choices every time you reach for your wallet.

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