Everything You Wanted To Know About Phishing Protection

Phishing is cybercrime and anyone can become victim easily so it is very important to know about Phishing because it may cause harm to you and you may suffer monetarily and mentally loses.

It is mostly committed through emails for e.g. you will get an email on your account and when you reply that email or click on the link given in that email, they will steal your personal and professional information.

About Phishing Protection


This article talks about the Phishing and how to protect yourself from Phishing attacks so you will get an idea about phishing and you will get ideas for protection from Phishing.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a cybercrime in which the hacker obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and bank details by disguising the victim. It is a serious offense under cyber laws and it is very important to know about this crime because the offender can obtain sensitive information by fooling you.

For e.g., if a person gets a fake email in which they ask for personal information, credit card details or anything else, if that person replies to that email then the hacker easily hacked that account so it is phishing. You can protect yourself from phishing attacks by avoiding suspicious email and you should always browse secure websites.

How to protect yourself from Phishing Attacks?

1] Avoid Suspicious mail

If you open a mail and found it suspicious then don’t reply on that mail or don’t click on the content of that mail or don’t click on the given link in the mail, never reply to suspicious mail, if you follow these things it will prevent phishing attacks and gives protection to your mail.

For e.g., if you are getting a mail from anyone but you found spelling mistakes or found any suspicious activity then don’t reply on that mail.

Avoid Suspicious mail

2] Always brows secured websites

You should not open websites which are not secured, always use a secure website. When you open a secure website you will find a “lock” icon in the address bar and you will find HTTP:/ in the browsers address bar, you should only those secure websites, if you open only secure websites, it will prevent phishing attacks.

For e.g. if you want to use your credit card on a website then you should check the lock icon in browsers address bar because it is a sign of secured website, if you are using your credit card or bank details on a website which is not secured then your card details may be hacked on that website so you should always browse a secure websites.

3] Avoid threat massages

Always avoid threat messages or mail which contains urgent deadlines. Sometimes hackers sent a mail to people and it contains the urgent deadlines for e.g people get emails that you have to change your password or you have to mention bank details or anything else and then people do it as per direction from mail and then their emails hacked by a hacker.

If you get any mail from your bank or a trusted website then you should check the authenticity of that mail and then only reply on it or if you found anything suspicious then don’t reply and avoid it.

4] Avoid Fake results

You should avoid fake results on google or on any websites, or on your email. Sometimes you click on a website but different website opens up then you should avoid that website because it may steal your personal details from your computer. So you should avoid fake results for avoiding phishing attacks.

5] Avoid Malicious Pop-ups

You should avoid malicious Pop-ups because sometimes these malicious pop-ups can steal your sensitive information from your laptop or computer.

Mostly these pop-ups appear on the unsecured website so you should avoid unsecured website first, if you don’t then you should definitely avoid malicious pop-ups, avoiding malicious pop-ups will protect you from phishing attacks.

Avoid Malicious Pop-ups

6] Avoid Malicious Downloading

Never download anything from the untrusted website because it can steal your sensitive information, you should avoid downloading from a malicious website and you should only download content from the trusted website so it will prevent phishing attacks.


As you can see in the above given article that phishing protection is important to protect our sensitive information, above given tips, will help you to protect from phishing attacks. is a website which helps people to protect their email from phishing attacks, you can take their help to protect your emails from phishing attacks.

There is various type of phishing attacks and there are various ways to protect from phishing attacks so you should follow the above given ways it will help you to protect your identity from phishing attacks.

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