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Five High Priced Stocks In the US to Target In 2021

US indices have been performing quite well recently and tech stocks especially. So, what’s the story with tech? Or, should you take the most recent trends with a pinch of salt?

That’s exactly the question that we set out to answer. In this article, I will present several high priced stocks in the US that I believe are attractively priced and are worth taking a closer look at.

High Priced Stocks In the US

High priced stocks are usually great opportunities for long-term investors because they are trading at attractive valuations and represent buying opportunities. However, investors should be aware that high priced stocks are not always a great idea.

They are simply an indication that the stock is a market leader, such as Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) or Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL), whose investors are willing to pay a higher valuation for the company’s future growth potential. Therefore, high priced stocks are often attractive to value investors.

Today, several high priced US companies appear to be overvalued compared to the growth that they offer in the future. Many US companies whose fundamentals appear to be weak enough to justify a significant sell-off in the short term.


Qualcomm is an American multinational Corporation that creates an intellectual property, semiconductors, software, and wireless technology services. It has value with a year-end 2021 target of $170 per share. You can target this company to invest this year.


Amazon has seen a sharp rise in business after the global financial crisis but faces difficult comparable sales. Bank of America said in a statement on Thursday, which is why it is selling the stock.

But the e-commerce giant is still a good long-term owner, BofA said, reiterating its “buy” rating on Amazon and raising its price target to $4,000 from $3,500, an increase of more than 20% from its current price.

The ongoing shift to the cloud, which would benefit Amazon’s AWS division, includes a $1.5 billion increase in the company’s annual revenue, the note said.

Investors can also expect dividend payments to rise to boost returns, and buybacks will resume this year. Five major investment drivers could push Amazon’s shares higher, and five top risks the company faces in the future, according to BofA.


Target’s cautious approach to cash returns may disappoint some investors. Still, the chain is a major reason only a handful of retailers qualify as a dividend aristocrat.

The chain announced a 1.5% dividend increase for the first quarter of this year and could issue an even bigger increase next year, provided growth trends do not break down in the first quarters of this financial year. The target could double that threshold and announce its 49th consecutive increase by 2021, according to BofA.


Brink’s stock price could average $85 by December 15, 2021, according to a new report from Brinks & Partners. Co. Analysts “estimates include an average price-to-earnings ratio of 2.5 and a top valuation of the stock with a dividend yield of 3.3%. According to the latest data, insiders have bought 25% of S.A.F.E. since the company went public in October 2010.


Bernstein manufactures AC and NON-AC components, focusing on developing and producing high-quality, cost-effective products that can be used in a wide range of applications, including medical devices, food, and beverages.

The current stock price of $38.25 as of February 2021. It will be quite beneficial for investors to invest in.


As an investor in 2020 would attest, few surprises have been on the stock market in recent months. A majority of investors say higher interest rates are the biggest threat to stocks and risky assets, as a BofA survey of the commodity bull market shows.

However, many best stocks in 2021 are likely to benefit largely from a return to normality and a recovering economy. Check out for accessible guides to help you find the services you need along the way such as buying stocks and staying updated with trade markets.

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