OSRS Sleeping Giants Quest Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to complete the Sleeping Giants quest from Old School RuneScape, we’ve got you covered.

The Sleeping Giants is the newest quest in OSRS. It is one of the requirements to access the newest Smithing activity that will help you save some OSRS gold when training: the Giants’ Foundry.

Sleeping Giants Quest Guide

Here, you’ll be able to obtain the untradeable double ammo mold, the Smithing outfit, a Colossal Blade, Ore Packs, Smithing Catalyst, and a Consumable Boost (Kovac’s Grog). The whole activity opens up a new way to train the Smithing skill while consuming fewer bars than other activities, thus saving you a lot of OSRS GPper XP.

Requirements to Fulfill

Before starting the quest, you will need a non-boostable Smithing level 15 and a few inexpensive OSRS items. You will need three oak logs, one piece of wool, ten nails, a hammer, a chisel, and a bucket of water or ice gloves.

You can obtain all of the tradeable OSRS items for just a few OSRS GP, unless you’re an Ironman where you need to obtain all of them. If you don’t want to spend any OSRS Gold, you can do the same on a regular account, but that would be counterproductive since you can just use the GE and get everything in a matter of seconds.

Make sure you haven’t used your minigame teleport in the last 20 minutes, and let’s begin!

A Walkthrough of Sleeping Giants

Go to the grouping tab (it’s in the same menu as the clan chat) and select the Giants’ Foundry mini game teleport to go to Kovac quickly. If you’ve already used your minigame teleport and don’t want to wait, you can use a dueling ring to teleport to the duel arena or an amulet of glory to teleport to Al Kharid and run from there.

Left-click on Kovac or right-click strike to start the dialogue with him. He will ask you not to fight and tell you he needs your help. You can skip through the dialogue safely by keeping the space bar pressed. After the dialogue, select option yes to start the quest.

A cutscene will start, and you’ll be taken to the Giants’ Foundry location, where you’ll have to continue your dialogue with Kovac. If you accidentally log out during this, you’ll be taken outside where you initially teleported. Simply enter the cave to restart the cutscene. Hold the space bar to skip through the dialogue.

You now have to repair certain facilities within the Giants’ Foundry to make everything usable again. Click to repair the broken polishing wheel, hold the space bar to skip through the dialogue, and select option ‘yes’ to proceed and repair it.

Wait for the repair animation to end, and you’ll be prompted with another dialogue that will confirm you have successfully repaired it. If you log out at this point, you won’t lose the progress on the repaired facilities.

Walk to the north and repair the broken grindstone. Skip through the dialogue, select option yes, wait for the animation to end, and receive the confirmation dialogue box. Continue to walk a few tiles to the north and repeat the same process with the broken trip hammer.

Speak to Kovac to exit the instanced quest location. You will now be in the non-instanced Giants’ Foundry, where the Smithing activity occurs. Speak to Kovac again here, and then search the crate just south of Kovac and select option ‘yes’ to take the OSRS items from the crate.

Go to the crucible, a few tiles south from the bank chest. The bank chest is a few tiles east from Kovac. You can click on the crucible to add the bars, but you will need to right-click and select use on the weapons and armors to add them-select option three to add all of the same weapon or armor types at the same time.

Talk to Kovac again, and then click on the mold just north of him. The mold setup interface should appear. Select your molds and then click set mold on the top right corner of the interface.

Speak to Kovac again and skip or read the dialogue as you wish. You won’t lose your progress if you log out now. Return to the crucible and pour the metal into the mold.

Remove anything from your weapon and shield slot, like emptying your hands when making Tears of Guthix, and equip your ice gloves if you have them. Take the Giant Sword pre-form and use the Trip Hammer while its temperature is on red, and once the temperature goes down, head to the lava, dunk the sword to heat it back up, and then return to the trip hammer.

Pay attention that the sword is not too hot; otherwise, you will damage it. Use the grindstone and the waterfall next. Using the grindstone will increase the temperature of the preform.

Move on to using the sandstone and the lava pool. Using the sandstone will decrease the temperature of the sword. If you do anything to damage the sword, Kovac will interfere and tell you to stop and give tips on what you’re doing wrong.

Rewards for the Sleeping Giants Quest

After you complete the sword, go and speak to Kovac once more to complete the quest. You will receive one quest point, 6k Smithing XP, and access to the Giants Foundry, the Smithing activity that will help you save a lot of OSRS Goldwhen training.

And you’ll also be able to buy the double ammo mold from Kovac, which will help you with one of the most AFK ways to makeOSRS GP: smithing cannonballs.

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