5 Tips to Buying Windows 2008 Software on the Cheap

Windows 2008 server is a very powerful advanced server operating system built to power networks, web services, and applications. When it was launched, many developers were excited about its new features and how they can be integrated into their then current processes. It held a lot of promise in the future of servers and is still one of the top servers being used today.

Tips to Buy Microsoft Windows Standard Server 2008

Buy Microsoft Windows Standard Server 2008

Many businesses prefer this server to help them in various IT processes and it has proven to be of great help for many. Today, many are still choosing Windows 2008 and there are countless who are looking for ways to get without spending too much money.

Windows 2008 server may cost some serious money but there are some ways to get it for free or for a lower price, here are some of them:

1) Sign Up For Trial Version

Trial versions of Windows 2008 are still available and there are many sites you can get it aside from the official Microsoft site. You have a limited number of days to enjoy and use it to its fullest potential and that is already a big chunk off your business spending. Getting it free is, obviously, the cheapest way to get the Windows 2008 server and use it.

2) Look for Microsoft Partner Distributors

To ensure the fast and convenient distribution of software like Windows 2008, Microsoft partnered with different distributors in different locations. And many of these distributors are offering the software for discounted prices or as part of a product package. It is easy to look for these partners as they are anywhere on the World Wide Web. You can get cheap Windows 2008 here.

3) College or Professional Affiliation

Product providers like Dreamspark provide colleges and professional organizations with very affordable offers to use software products like Windows 2008. If your college or organization has this affiliation, you can surely save some big bucks and acquire authentic server version that you can use personally or for your business.

4) Buy Top Tier

It may sound counter intuitive at first, but you buying the “top tier” or none CD subscription is a great way to save money in the long run. It is cost effective since you also get access to other features that can prove helpful to your business in the future like Data center, SCCM, all of the office revs and many others.

5) Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Services like Azure, GoGrid, and Rackspace offer a minimal monthly subscription fee for running a server including Windows 2008. There are plans that you can choose from to save more, depending on your needs and services. Many opt for this type of service as they can prove to be cost- effective in the long run.

There are still some ways to get Windows 2008 for an affordable price. E-Commerce sites like Amazon, Ebay and others offer pre-built servers that you can still use. As well, many offers from Microsoft and partners pop up every now and then that can help you save big, so make sure to watch out for them. 🙂

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