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Large crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, WhiteBIT offer numerous trading tools and earning opportunities for users. Working with them, you not only can buy crypto coins but also hold them for some period of time and receive interests (staking), trade with leverage, conduct p2p exchanges, use trading bots and algorithms, etc.

Experienced traders like to learn about new projects in the industry, their prospects, tokenomics, etc. Novice investors are eager to learn how to buy assets, how to exchange cryptocurrency, pass KYC, and many other issues.

WhiteBIT: Bitcoin trading

The WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange has launched the White Blog, where all users will find helpful information and answers to all their questions.

White Blog

Let’s see what this service offers.

  • Details on depositing money to the exchange and its withdrawal.
  • A guide on passing KYC (what documents are needed?).
  • How to create a token.
  • Protecting yourself in the digital space – additional methods to secure your account.
  • Recommendations on investments: what aspects to consider, what asset to choose, etc.
  • The description of crypto coins available on the exchange, their rates, charts, prospects, and how to purchase them.
  • The most popular assets on the platform.
  • Informative and interesting AMA sessions where WhiteBIT leaders answer the users questions.
  • Crypto trading news and reviews from well-known people from the industry.
  • The educational sector where you can find the key concepts such as NFT games, metaverse, etc.
  • New projects that have joined the WhiteBIT family.
  • Various activities for WhiteBIT clients: competitions, quizzes.
  • Guides on how to participate in smart staking, trade with leverage, use a trading bot, etc.

The White BIT exchange is a whole ecosystem where users can trade, receive passive income, learn news from the industry, analyze charts, and always be in trend.

The exchange officially works under European jurisdiction, and it pays a lot of attention to users safety. The platform provides cold storage for clients’ investments, charges average fees, and allows trade against some fiat currencies.

Registered users can buy crypto with fiat money using a bank card. You can find a detailed guide on how to do it in White Blog.

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