14 Best Chatbots In Healthcare Industry for 2023

The penetration of chatbots in healthcare is burgeoning with time. Healthcare is one of the topmost industries extracting the AI-backed perks of bots. According to research, the global healthcare chatbots market is forecasted to reach USD 543.65 million by 2026, at a CAGR of 19.5%.

Today, bots encompass different dimensions of healthcare, from physical to mental, from pharmaceutical to mood tracker – more like a friend who’s always there. On top of that, it boots user engagement and eases the workload off professionals’ shoulders.

Are you planning to create a healthcare chatbot? We suggest you read a bit about the platforms that can help you develop the best solution.

What are healthcare chatbots?

Best Chatbots In Healthcare Industry

Healthcare chatbots, or medical chatbots, are AI-powered conversational solutions that enable a quick interaction between the patient and a doctor. From health assessment to constant support, several use cases of healthcare chatbots make them a go-go for healthcare institutions. Moreover, its automation capabilities and the ability to effectively handle a queue of patients bridge the gap between users and healthcare providers.

Benefits of chatbots in healthcare

It is no surprise that the emergence of remote medical support has driven more and more customers to tap into the bot and seek advice. While it is available right on the screen, a chatbot is a preferred option because of its quick responsiveness.

Here are the benefits of chatbots in the healthcare industry:

  1. 24/7 Availability: Medical emergencies do not wait, and they can be worrisome at times. In case when a patient needs anything, they can reach out to a chatbot that’s available at their service all the time.‍
  2. Easy access to medical assistance: Chatbots give a hand in providing helpful information effectively. Customers can turn to the chatbot and seek instant support when they face any trouble.
  3. Decoding Symptoms: This one is a great advantage of a healthcare bot. With massive medical information in the database, a chatbot is handy at identifying the health issue with the symptoms communicated by the patient. It saves time and effort for the patient.

List of 14 best healthcare chatbots


Kommunicate is an incredible platform to consider if you want to build a feature-packed healthcare chatbot. This easy-to-use AI-enabled platform helps unlock patient engagement and enhance interactions in your institution. Its best features include personalizing patient interaction, appointment scheduling, and diagnosis for physical and mental health.


BotPenguin is an AI-powered healthcare chatbot for patients interacting with them on mobile apps or websites. It responds to several queries and offers medical advice to users. The software also enables users to follow up with the doctor via texts and features a medical library with relevant information for patients to read.


In the guise of a fluffy bird, Izzy is a healthcare bot extending its hand to women who need medical assistance through Facebook Messenger. It keeps track of women’s menstrual health, sexual health, or any pain and reminds them of the medicines to take on time.

Sensely Inc.

Sensely is one of the best chatbots in healthcare that interacts with users through its avatar Molly. This virtual medical assistant assesses the patient’s symptoms, decodes the issue based on them, and provides medical advice. This healthcare bot uses the triage system to check cases’ urgency and determine if the patient should see a doctor.


Safedrugbot is a chatbot service that assists doctors and health professionals. It offers valuable data to them on the use of drugs. Apart from that, it provides information about alternative medicines and the ingredients present in the medication – simplifying users’ work.

HealthTap, Inc.

HealthTap is one of the best chatbots in healthcare to consider. This platform facilitates the option for patients to identify the problem they are struggling with. The user can submit their question to the bot simply by messaging. The doctors review these questions, analyze the issue, and offer medical guidance.

Buoy Health, Inc.

Buoy Health is a healthcare bot that allows patients to check their symptoms online or browse through the massive database of Buoy Health. The chatbot asks patients about their medical condition in detail and provides them with the appropriate steps to take next. It helps them figure out the issue with their health.

Babylon Health

Babylon Health is one of the top chatbots in healthcare where patients can report and explain the signs of illness to the app. This app checks the symptoms against a vast database of diseases and then provides appropriate advice.

Infermedica SP

Infermedica is yet another option on the list available on smartphones and online. This chatbot platform uses machine learning capabilities and helps patients identify their health condition based on the symptoms. It also arranges the diagnosis for them, when needed, and advises them on the next course of action.


Florence is a healthcare bot on Skype, Messenger, and Kik. It has handy features like reminding patients to take medicines, tracking the user’s health (weight, mood, etc.), and more that allow the user to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The chatbot can also help the user find the nearest pharmacy, making it an option to consider.


GYANT is a healthcare chatbot that assesses the patient’s condition based on the symptoms they explain and shares the data with the doctors, who then offer a diagnosis and prescription. The service is provided in real-time on Alexa or Facebook Messenger. This bot is multilingual and is available in Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Woebot Labs, Inc.

Woebot is one of the best chatbots in healthcare dedicated to mental health. It leverages Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques and listens as well as advises the user. It is available on Facebook Messenger. While it may not be a therapist, it is a support system that helps users take care of their mental well-being.

Your. Md

Your.MD is a free chatbot platform that provides helpful health information and guides the patient to the best action. This solution, on the surface, is all about checking symptoms using artificial intelligence and works on mobile devices, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram. It also helps users locate the nearest pharmacies, test labs, and health centers.

Baidu, Inc

Baidu is a healthcare platform that brings Melody, an AI-enabled conversational bot, to patients who need instant medical support. It assists patients in determining if and when they need to see a doctor, helps them with medical consultation, and offers many other options that save the patient’s time and render an accessible service.


Healthcare chatbots are marching successfully in the industry and transforming conventional navigation to health centers and assistance. If you are planning to create one for your healthcare business, consider the features and options listed in the section and ensure you find the one that caters to your business needs.

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