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The Best Places to Be a Social Worker [Infographic]

Planning a career in social work? Working on your degree, but unsure where to begin the job search? Maybe you’re just researching different career paths to see if this is your calling. Whatever the case may be, there is a lot to think about. Luckily, the University of New England (UNE) has put together an informative infographic detailing essential information about American employment in social work.

Best Places Be Social Worker

Best Places to Be a Social Worker:

As the informative infographic details, the average salary of a social worker in the U.S. is $51K. However, there are definitely opportunities to grow in specific cities throughout the U.S. New York, San Jose, and San Francisco all pay well above average salaries. New York, New York comes in at 40 percent above average and San Jose and San Francisco fall shortly behind at 34 percent. Although the standard cost of living may be higher in these areas, the salaries are much more endowed.

In New York and San Francisco, the average salary is $69K, while in San Jose it averages at $72K. What’s surprising is the number of employed social workers in these areas. San Francisco has only 640 social workers, while New York employs 4,420. San Jose only has 1,090 employed social workers. Although these ranges are broad, there are many social work positions that average high salaries.

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A clinical social worker averages $66K, while a speech pathologist averages $78K. Although these salaries are high, you must consider the level of education each position requires, cost of living in higher-salaried areas, and competition to obtain these jobs.

Let’s See the Below Infographic:

There are still many aspects of the career to research before making a decision on where to look for employment after obtaining a social work degree. However, UNE has put together a great Infographic to help you understand the statistics behind employment in the U.S. Take a look and see for yourself.

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