A Guide On How To Buy Tires Online Canada

Although it might sound challenging, buying tires online Canada is one of the easiest ways to get new tires, then going to a physical store.

However, you should ensure you have all the information you need about the store you are buying from. Besides, the brand you need also comes in handy here. So, always you need to choose the brand of tires you want, the size and the type.

Buying Tires Online Canada

How To Buy Tires Online Canada

The one thing that might be a bit challenging here is getting the best online store to shop for the new tires for your car. Once you have identified one, we will guide you on the rest of the process. Take a look at some of the important factors to consider when shopping for tires online Canada.

The Size Of The Tire

You don’t want to buy a too big or too small tire, that’s why you need to know the size recommended for your vehicle. Check the numbers on the side of your current tires to know the size of tire you should buy. The size is also written on your car’s owner manual.

Buy A Known Brand

Before ordering the tires online Canada from the online store you have decided to use, research on the available brands and choose the best based on the features you need.

However, we understand that this might also be challenging because there are many brands to choose from. A good way to know which brand is suitable is by comparing their characteristics, pros and cons.

You might see some brands with great offers when you log in to the store’s website. Do not be blinded by the great discounts. You can set a budget for your tire purchase. This will help you narrow down the options you have and ultimately go for the brand that meets your specifications as well as that which is within your budget.

However, don’t worry if you don’t have enough money at the time you want to buy the tires online for your car. You can also get tires online Canada at an affordable price.

Although the cheap tires might not have all the good qualities you could find in the pricier ones, they can sustain you for some time. They have some benefits and are a good choice for your budget.

Select A Category

Here you need to know the type of vehicle you drive, and also the terrain. This is because tires are classified into different categories, like passenger tires that are installed on sports cars, CUVs and sedans.

The tires are for on-road driving, and there are many brands producing them. Truck/SUV is the name for tires meant for bigger vehicles like light trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. You will also get wide range of these.

Know The Car Model

If you are not sure of the best tires for your car, you can research on the internet. On the tire website, write down your car’s model, its year of manufacture and the model. You can also check your owner’s manual to know the tires that would suit your car best.

Check Customer Reviews Of The Store

Many online stores in Canada offer a wide variety of tires. So, do your homework since you want to buy from the best. You can only know how good a store is by checking its reviews online, or asking your friends who have bought from them. Check what people have to say about the store, and the performance of the tires they get from there.

You can also check the reviews of the specific tire on its manufacture’s website. Check at the tire’s performance, durability and its lifespan. However, when checking the reviews, it is obvious you will see some negative comments. If there are more negative comments than positive ones, there is a reason to be worried.

Check The Payment Options

After finding the right tire brand, size and type to buy, the next thing is to check the store’s payment options. They should of course favor you, lest you will not be able to pay for the tires. Some of the payment options are PayPal, Credit cards like Visa and Master Card or bank transfers.

Know About Other Extra Costs

If you are buying from an online store that has to ship the tires, you should be prepared for the expenses on or before the arrival of the tire. The costs could be high or low, depending on where you buy the tires online. Some of the stores offer free shipping, and you should consider those.

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