Can Americans Obtain A Maltese Passport?

Every person has the right to choose their own future. This also applies to habitat. The reasons for changing the place of residence are individual: change of environment, suitable climate, expansion of world outlook, transfer of business, and others.

Modern users prefer free movement, opportunities to get an education and workplace, and the right to live in a country where they will feel most comfortable. The visa-free regime, which excludes countless entry permits to most parts of the world, is provided for this purpose. Therefore, there are excellent prospects for U.S. citizens.

Maltese Passport

A worldwide pandemic, domestic political conditions dictate restrictions. At the same time, it is better to think of an alternate airfield. Malta citizenship is the best way for Americans to make a change.

Overview of Maltese CBI Program

The government attracts foreigners with favorable conditions. Do you want to apply for Malta citizenship by investment? The applicant can participate in one of two programs: investment through MEIN and the more economical MPRP.

MEIN is available if the requirements are met: correct application, no criminal record, and sufficient funds. The term depends on the investment amount:

  • Purchase of a real estate object of 700,000 euros;
  • Rent – 16,000 euros per year;
  • 750,000 euros – one year before naturalization;
  • 600,000 euros – three years before naturalization;
  • 10,000 euros – donation approved by an NGO.

There is also a less costly option with similar qualification criteria.

Candidates are offered the following:

  • Purchase of a real estate object for the amount of 300,000 euros or more;
  • Rent – from 10,000 euros per year;
  • 28,000 euros – compulsory contribution for the purchase of a real estate object;
  • 58,000 euros is the compulsory contribution when renting a property;
  • 40,000 euros is the administrative fee;
  • 2,000 euros is a donation approved by an NGO.

Maltese citizenship for Americans is not complicated and is available remotely. You will need to submit biometric data on-site.

Eligibility Criteria for Americans

According to American law, a citizen of the country has the right to obtain a second passport. Malta also allows dual citizenship. Therefore, an applicant does not need to renounce his citizenship by applying for a Malta passport for US citizens. There are four ways to accomplish the goal:

  • Origin;
  • Naturalization;
  • Direct investment;
  • Exceptional services (rent, real estate purchase, contribution to NDSF, charitable donation).

According to Vladlena Baranova, an expert on the investment program (Immigrant Invest company), you should entrust the preparation of the document to professionals.

Key Benefits of Holding Both U.S. and Maltese Passports

Becoming a Maltese passport holder gives the applicant the right to reside in the country and unhindered access to EU countries. Do you dream of working without restrictions? You obtain such an opportunity in any corner of Europe. English is one of the official languages in Malta.

Global mobility and visa-free travel

Do you dream of traveling the world without restrictions? Obtaining a Maltese passport can help you realize your dream. Mobility does not require renouncing your citizenship. There are no problems in finding a job in the EU countries, and it is also possible for children to receive a European education. By the way, Malta’s education system is more financially affordable than the United States.

Business and investment opportunities in the EU

The USA is known for its harsh tax rates. The tax system in Malta is more flexible, which attracts foreign investors. There are some advantages to obtaining citizenship:

  • opening, business development in the international business center;
  • simple registration without unnecessary bureaucracy;
  • excellent logistics system;
  • economic stability;
  • reliable banks ensuring full confidentiality;
  • qualified English-speaking labor force and others.

You can become a tax resident if you live in the country for six months or more per year.

Healthcare, education and taxes

The medical system in Malta is at the top of the rankings, according to the World Health Organization. There is a huge number of both public and private institutions. A relaxed way of life, a developed transportation system, affordable prices for children’s education, and no additional requirements for employment are additional pros of living in Malta. There are public, church, and private schools. The attitude of natives is friendly. The low crime rate (there is complete safety for women and children) and a significant safe stay on the territory are worth noting.


Clean Maltese beaches and historical sights are available for foreigners. Moving to the country is suitable for the following categories:

  • individuals who value comfortable living;
  • businessmen looking for a favorable tax system;
  • investors who intend to acquire a second citizenship.

The lack of a language barrier is an additional advantage of maltese citizenship for americans. You will not feel like a foreigner in a new environment.

This project is a ticket to a new and happy life with a lot of advantages. You will be able to appreciate all the advantages already in the first months of living in the country.

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