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Tile Laying Patterns – 5 Patterns That Fit Into Any Bathroom

What tile laying patterns for the bathroom are currently in vogue? Monotonous bathrooms have not been in vogue for a long time. Especially tiles with patterns adorn today’s modern bathroom.

Therefore, this article first explores the question of why a bathroom should be laid with tiles, before pointing out five patterns that fit best in any bathroom. After that, tips on how to properly install the tiles are also provided.

Patterns That Fit Into Any Bathroom

Why should a bathroom be tiled?

Tiles offer a lot of advantages. They are extremely durable and easy to clean, because they can be easily wiped and cleaned of dirt. As a result, the bathroom always remains hygienically clean.

Especially the modern XXL tiles also have only small joints due to their laying technique. This means that not so much dirt can settle in the joints, which then has to be laboriously removed with a brush.

Another advantage of tiles is their insensitivity to moisture, which is caused by constant bathing and showering in the bathroom.

Five tile laying patterns that fit into any bathroom.

Monotonous and white bathrooms have not been in vogue for a long time. Tiles in different looks give the modern bathroom more coziness and feel-good factor.

Nowadays, XXL tiles are increasingly used in all modern designs because they are very easy to maintain due to their thin joints.

Among the trendy tile laying patterns today are definitely tiles in retro look. Starting from styles from the 70s, to antiquity, a wide selection is offered here. In the bathroom, for example, it is convenient to install these retro tiles only on the shower wall and combine them with white tiles in the rest of the bathroom.

If you are looking for wood look tiles to bring the modern coziness of a wood look into the bathroom, then you should go for wood look tiles. In contrast to real wood, wood-look tiles are much more durable and robust and provide a certain naturalness.

Also tiles in stone optics are currently in vogue. These are available in many different natural stone colors and make the bathroom shine in limestone, sandstone or slate, for example.

Concrete-look tiles, on the other hand, create an industrial look in the bathroom that expresses hardness. However, these tiles can also be combined with wood look tiles, if you are looking for wood look tiles, to create a modern mix of hardness and warmth.

Lastly, natural stone look tiles are part of the modern look, which bring the naturalness of natural stones into the bathroom. Moreover, due to their nature, they are very durable and non-slip, which makes them suitable for both the walls and the floor of the bathroom.

Tips for laying the modern tiles.

Modern tiles with different patterns are used a lot these days as XXL tiles, thus obtaining a large-scale appearance.

When laying, care should be taken that these XXL tiles are placed very close to each other to get only small joints and achieve the best possible visual result.

Furthermore, the different designs of the trendy patterns can be well combined in the bathroom, for example, by providing the shower back wall with tiles in concrete look and the rest of the bathroom in wood look. This creates an expression of liveliness.


The current pattern trends of tiles range from concrete, to wood, to natural stone, giving the bathroom an individual look. Exactly adapted to their own individual ideas, so that the feel-good factor can be achieved quickly.

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