3 Ways to Save Time and Money On Telecom Services

Companies are always looking to make more money, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by reducing operating costs. Too often, businesses pay the same amount for their services every year, unaware of what they’re actually paying for. If this applies to a major expense like Telecom Services, you could be significantly undercutting your profits by overpaying your vendors. Break out your invoices and check these three ways to reduce your telecom expenses.

Save Money & Time for Telecom Services

Telecom Services

Analyze the Line Items on Your Invoices

One of the easiest ways to identify waste in your telecom services if by looking into spending patterns and identifying where you’re wasting money. If you sign a blank invoice every month without caring what you’re paying for, then you’re probably overpaying or getting charged for unnecessary expenses. Look at the line items and question various charges and fees. Do you really need those services? Do you use them?


Then, when you start looking for alternate telecom providers, like Asentinel, ask for a breakdown of expenses and costs. To have the biggest impact, look for what costs the most to your company (like data or equipment) and try to get a reduction on your new plan.

Look for Ways to Bundle Services

While you’re inspecting your invoices, check to see how many companies you work with for your telecom, IT, and customer service providers. Do you have individualized vendors for each department? Do you have three vendors completing the task of one? In all likelihood, these vendors are charging significant fees for their services, which adds up to lots of waste.

Instead, consider finding telecom vendors that bundle multiple services into one. Even if you can only condense a few vendors, you’re saving your team the hassle of working with multiple companies while reducing unnecessary fees.

Shop Around to Find Optimal Fee Types

If you’re a small business, then you’re likely trying to grow rapidly over the next few years. As you scale, are your bills going to scale with you? For example, some service providers charge fees that are a percent of the total services provided. This means the more services you need, the more they charge you. While that might be a sweet deal when you’re small, it could cost you as you grow.

Look at telecom providers that offer a single flat fee for their services. This way, your operating costs will remain flat or decrease as you scale out. This sets you up for long-term business success and financial decisions. If you can’t find providers that only charge flat fees, check that the fees they do charge are significantly lower than the ones you’re used to paying.

Of all the problems you face in your business, Telecom expenses shouldn’t be one of them. While it’s important to audit your vendors annually with your budget, choosing the best telecom company should be a no-brainer. Opt for a company that will let your business grow without burying you in bills so you can continue to thrive. 🙂

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