Six Huge Mistakes We Will Regret Later

We waste life on stupid stuff. I bet you are reading this while making claws out of pencils or some other weird stuff. Despite not being oddly specific, I assume that mistakes are the way of changing for the better. It’s the all-time solution to all of our trepidations, just make a mistake, fix it and move on.

Most Common Mistakes You Will Regret Later

Mistakes You Will Regret Later

I also know that mistakes and regrets make you flush your potential down the sewer. But it doesn’t mean it has to be like that forever. Without further ado, here are 6 mistakes we all do:

1) Most of the time, you run from problems

This is a big mistake, because running away from problems takes a more disproportionate amount of your time, than solving this problem. In addition, an independent solution to the problem will make you stronger in professional, personal, and emotional terms. Escaping, on the contrary, makes you a weakling who is not ready to live, but only to survive.

2) You spend a lot of time on emotions, not on deeds

You never know how much time another argue with a girl or quarrel at work takes. Speaking objectively, the time spent on those verbal insults, goes beyond the conflict. The fact is that after the exchange of ‘courtesies’ in your head, the created chaos does not give you the opportunity to work normally, to think, to function.

If you can not cope with stress, then stress copes with you. So you better find ways that will help you temper the character, so that you treat such kind of irritants with humor or irony.

3) Too much controversy, disagreements, internal dialogs

Remember at least one dispute from your life that ended with your unconditional victory, and also led to a constructive end? Well, it’s hard to remember. Unfortunately, we follow our ego, which is capable of destroying literally everything that is dear to you: relationships with your beloved one, strong friendship, position at work, social status.

In other words, it is better to distance yourself as much as possible from disputes, even from disputes with yourself in order not to suffer from regrets and mistakes. Instead, do what you believe in, and change the world by good deeds, not by anything else, especially anything destructive.

4) You can not cope with your anxiety

Another black hole that sucks your time at the speed of light is your trepidation. Increased anxiety is a big problem for the generation that grew up in front of monitors. Most of us did not have that active childhood that our fathers and mothers had. We stared at the screens, played games, so we continue to do this after work or school. We have a sedentary lifestyle.

We don’t have time for healthy way of being, but we always find time for stupid thoughts. We are degrading, that is why at the subconscious level, we begin to worry about everything that hasn’t even happened. Where did the real life go? I should ask you this, but if you want to stop killing time, then you have to figure out why you are so much liable to negative emotions and, in particular, to anxiety. It does not arise from scratch. It is the result of your neglect.

Common Thinking Mistakes

5) You want to impress everyone and spend a lot of energy on it

Do you like it when they pat your head and say what a fine fellow you are? It’s like a fetish, yes. But, in fact, you do not need anyone’s approval to do something useful. You do not need to know what other people think about you, and especially you do not need to rely on their opinions, when you choose what you want to do.

Many people make this mistakes and regrets over and over again throughout their lives. They always rely on different people: parents, girlfriends, bosses, teachers. Sometimes it seems that everyone knows what you should do better than yourself. But this is deception. Only you know what you can and what you need to do.

6) You live with a girl who is not meant for you

It’s difficult to understand, I can get it. But with a high degree of probability you in your romantic adventures will fall for the wrong girl. No, you can live with her normally.

But I cordially recommend you: do not waste your time on a woman you do not love, don’t do these kind of regrets and mistakes and wait until you have found a descent girl. instead you can pick the best dating/marriage sites like to find a perfect match. 🙂

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