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Why QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

The article has all the information regarding QuickBooks Hosting that you may want to know. Further in this article are shared the reasons why you need a QuickBooks Cloud Hosting.

 QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

What is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

Say it QuickBooks Cloud Hosting or Hosted QuickBooks, it is nothing but installing QuickBooks Desktop version online on the network server for using the services through your web browser from anywhere at any time.

All you need to do is, save all your data or the file in the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting using your location and it is made accessible to all the authenticated users. These authenticated users can access these documents from wherever they want and whenever they want to. It does not need to be installed on your local machines.

You can save any type of documents in it. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting gives its users the best quality in both versions whether it is a desktop version or online accessibility.

Working of QuickBooks Hosting

Here is the working of QuickBooks Hosting from Thesagenext on the cloud.

  • A service provider installs on the server a legal copy of QuickBooks.
  • The users are provided access to this QuickBooks Hosting by some configures.
  • Some security measures are taken to secure the app.
  • For users, the end-to-end connection between the user and the server is done by using RDP. Now you can log in.
  • The server is customizable so that you can access it through any device.
  • Every change made on QuickBooks is saved automatically and all the authentic users can see it.

QuickBooks Hosting vs Traditional QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop used to be the most popular advanced and traditionally used software by accountants for accounting purposes. But there exist some limits that lower the capability of CAs and accountants.

Limitations of the QuickBooks Desktop are.

  • A particular number of users can access.
  • Data remains on the local device.
  • Limited resources.
  • Convenience problem to share and exchange data.
  • Problem with the data entry and update.

These listed limitations can be mitigated in the cloud version of QuickBooks. This QuickBooks Cloud version has many benefits adding.

  • More than one user can access it.
  • Share the data with many users.
  • has many resources.
  • Lowers local IT expenditure.
  • Has back up data feature.

Modes of QuickBooks Hosting

The QuickBooks Hosting implements three modes and they are.

  • Dedicated Hosting: As it is said earlier that the QuickBooks Hosting is installed on the server. So, through the server is made possible that many users can access it by direct connection with the server.
  • Peer to Peer Hosting: Here what happens is, one of the users provides accessibility to the data provided and the application.
  • Alternate Hosting: This Hosting is like one-to-many connectivity. The main user is connected to the server and the other users are connected to the main user instead of directly connecting to the server.

Final Words

The above discussion consists of many reasons why you should use QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is a cloud technology user application you can use for many purposes, even for sharing and exchanging data.

The difference between traditional QuickBooks and QuickBooks Hosting gives you a clear idea about why you need the update. Including the limitations and working of the QuickBooks Hosting has proved the same.


In the end, I hope that you found this article helpful for using QuickBooks Hosting. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is the cloud technology that makes it easy for the users to make entries into it and also sharing and exchanging the data.

The advantages of QuickBooks Hosting just do not end here, you also get the data back up feature which is unfortunately not available in the traditional QuickBooks Hosting. Backing up data is the best feature you can get in this.

And also the good thing about its accessibility is that you can access it from anywhere around the world and at any minute you want to. You can use QuickBooks Hosting with Microsoft Excel and other software with a similar way of integrating that of the desktop solution.

It is cost-efficient and a great app to use. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is considered to be the best software for accounting and much more.

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