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The Best Gaming Laptop Brands

If you are a gamer you are probably more familiar with computers that have gaming capabilities. However, some may not know that laptops can also have gaming software without slowing the computer down. Gaming laptops are rising in popularity and that is for a good reason.

They have graphics and screen displays that is really something to brag about. If you really are on a budget you can get gaming laptops for under $1500. Below are some of the best gaming laptop brands.

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Best Gaming Laptops to Buy In 2020

Best Gaming Laptop Brands

1] MSI

MSI focuses almost all of their attention on gaming laptops, and they’re more than a little good at it. They’re actually on the cutting edge of design for laptops with a gaming focus.

Especially cool is their Ambient Link technology that can actually sync up the RGB lighting on your MSI PC and attached accessories to respond to triggers in your favorite games.

Unfortunately, the aesthetic design of MSI’s laptops are a little pedestrian. But they always have super thin bezels that help you make the most of your gaming real estate.

And MSI’s focus on gaming means that you have more than enough options to choose from. Regardless of your budget, you should be able to find a suitable gaming laptop in MSI’s catalog.

2] Lenovo Legion

This particular brand was rated number one last year and has fallen from that title as of late but if you get this computer you are getting a great product.

The Thinkpad and Legions provide a reliable level of gaming software. The Chrome books are definitely more of an affordable option and provide a two for one workstation that is unmatched by many brands. Also these computers look fantastic in design due to the inclusion of Thinkpads.

However, the reason this particular brand fell from the top of lists last year is due to the poor phone support. If you have a problem with your devices like many people, they don’t want to get involved with a pesky phone tree. On the contrary, instead they’d like to speak with an agent and have their problems solved immediately.

If you have an issue with these devices you should not call the customer service line and put more of your effort into the the app. Reviewers have noted that the app is a lot more user friendly in terms of getting help with your issues immediately.

3] Alienware

Alienware provides a great product as well. For example, one of their gaming laptops has a 17 inch screen. You usually associate bigger screens with pc computers that have bigger screens. However, that is not the case anymore with gaming laptops.

Now, screens are getting bigger and gaming has gotten a lot easier. Alienware also has integrated eye tracking software that makes it easier for you to track your gaming without straining your eyes.

Alienware also comes equipped with bright colors that really make their technology standout and seem a lot of fun.

The reviews are in for Alienware meaning that many marketplaces have rated it the optimal choice for the perfect gaming laptop.

The design in Alien software is top notch. Using LED lighting it provides a seductive glow that it makes it hard to put your laptop down and stop thinking about gaming. Just try not to pick up one of these beautifully designed laptops and play around with it for hours on end.

Unfortunately, unlike many gaming computers you have to really spend a lot of money to get a great product. You aren’t going to find an Alienware laptop that is under a grand. Instead you will be paying top dollar. However, it is worth the money because you are getting a long lasting and beautifully designed product.

However, when you spend that kind of money you want to get a piece of equipment that will be sure to last. The customer service team at Alienware have been reported to be some of the best.

All you have to do is call customer service with any questions you may have and they will answer you immediately and walk you through the process of figuring out what you need to do in order to repair your device or honor a warranty.

4] Razer

Although above we’ve talked about how Alienware is quite possibly the best gaming laptop provider Razer has been on the rise as of late according to reviewers. The redesigned colorful systems really stand out in comparison to many other brands.

Also, this brand offers options that are lot cheaper than typical gaming laptops. Additionally many have said that the customer service team at Razer is top notch. So if you have any issues there are no phone trees or hours of waiting to get your question answered.

All you have to do is call or sign online to the tech support and you will have your problem solved pretty quickly. In comparison to other brands, razer has many options that have a slimmer design and are quite possibly the smallest gaming laptops on the market.

5] Acer Predator

If you are looking for a laptop that is user friendly and easy to use you should definitely go for the Acer brand.  Although Acer provides a great laptop for entry level users. Additionally, the acer brand has a great customer service helpline.

Usually you can count on entry level users having issues and struggles here and there so of course they are going to utilize the customer service helpline in order to solve their issues.

One of Acer’s downfalls is the fact that it can same a little dated in design. With all the great laptops out there that are more on the sleeker side, it should come to no surprise that this particular brand of laptops has rated lower on a list of reviews than previous options.

However, regardless of the fact that Acer seems dated, it is still the optimal choice for those that are more entry level in their computer use. Please consider Acer as your go-to brand if you are inexperienced with gaming software.

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