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Content and Design Tips for Developing Online Brand Identity

In the age when almost anybody, from individuals to large enterprises – struggles to expand their online presence for the sake of reaching a wider audience, it is getting ever more difficult to build an impactful brand image. This is mostly because today you need to use multiple content distribution channels in order to increase your reach and get quality leads for your brand.

Best Tips to Developing Online Brand

Tips for Developing Online Brand Identity

Developing Online Brand Identity

Of course, there are multiple ways you can make your brand popular online. Regardless of your business’s focus, there are several strategies any company could use to develop a stable brand identity.

Content development tips

Over the last few years, content creation has been one of the most popular ways to expand online presence because it helps in boosting social media marketing, search engine optimization and general brand promotion. Current content marketing rules now propose that it’s not only enough to produce loads of content, but also find proper distribution channels for it.

Therefore, your focus should remain on quality and not on quantity. Still, a certain form of strategy needs to be developed and it starts with the following.

  • Blog regularly (even once a month can be enough) to establish yourself as an industry thought leader and make your visitors see your brand as a credible and reliable source of information.
  • Use social media to not only promote your content, but also build relationships with the people in the industry.
  • Make use of all the other content forms such as press releases, white papers and infographics, and deliver them through appropriate channels.

Tips for creating visuals

Tips for Creating Visuals

Tips for Creating Visuals

Although content still seems to be the most important factor that determines a company’s online reputation, this is certainly not the only form of branding you can do. What’s more, considering people’s decreased attention span when it comes to reading online, in many cases it can be much more effective to pack content in visuals such as infographics, videos, etc. This goes for almost everything about your company – from logo and website design to printed credit cards – everything must be visually effective.

Some bonus tips:

  • Create infographics and distribute them across the popular sites intended for sharing visuals
  • Create photos of your team to create a reliable and personalized image o your company. An eye-tracking study carried out by Nielsen Norman Group revealed that that people simply ignore stock photos, but do spend time looking at portrait images of company employees.
  • YouTube is an excellent tool that can help your brand’s development multiple ways. you can record your company representative sharing industry insights.

Track your reputation

One scary thing about the online space is that it can bring your company or brand into disrepute if a single consumer decides to share his or her negative experience. This is particularly true in relation to search optimization, for example, that may list some negative reviews or otherwise harmful content for your online reputation. To avoid this, some online reputation managers suggest you closely monitor how Google and other search engines see you. Michael Fertik from, recommends the following:

  • Contribute to reputable websites.
  • Increase control over your social media activities.


Obviously, developing a brand identity across so many popular web portals can certainly be an exhaustive task. However, if you know what you’re doing and if you do it regularly, chances are your brand will see some significant benefits from the increased people’s engagement and loyalty.

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